D&D 3rd edition

Wizards of the Coast have made a new edition of Dungeons and Dragons, the most commonlty known roleplay game. With some new classes and PC races, the game is even more exiting then the second edition.

The dice system stayed mostly the same. You make a character by rolling 4 D6 (the 6 sided dice) and adding the numbers rolled (discard lowest), then putting the numbers in the various ability scores (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma).
Then you decide wich class you want to play (or do it up front). The classes are figther, mage, cleric, druid, ranger, bard, paladin and rogue like in AD&D, plus some new classes like monk, barbarian and sorcerer.
Each character then chooses skills (you get a number of skill points depending on your class and intelligence) and feats. Then you only need to make a background (if you want) and to buy equipment and your character is ready to go.

Most die rolls (like attack rolls, saves, skill rolls, etc.) are made by rolling a D20 (20 sided die) and adding the appropriate modifier. You then have to roll above a difficulty (a number determined by the Game Master (GM, in D&D called the DM)). Other rolls, like spell failure (if a mage wears armour, he has a chance that his spells malfunction) and damage, are made with a number of different dice, like the D4, D6, D8, D10, D20 or D100 (the percentile die), depending on the type of weapon or roll. For more information on the system, check the various handbooks or the website of Wizards of the Coast, at http://www.wizards.com


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I also am DM (Dungeon Master) for a group. Here are their characters


my old characters in the second edition (AD&D) sytem


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