Basic Information

race: Elf (Sylvan)
gender: male
age: 105
height: 1m82
weight: 60 kg
eye color: brown
hair color: brown

alignment: Neutral Good
AC: 3
hitpoints: 34
experience level: 4

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strenght 19
dexterity 17
constitution 15
intelligence 12
wisdom 14
charisma 10
paralyse, poison, death magic 12
rod, wand, staff 13
petrify or polymorph 14
breath weapon 15
spells 15

special abilities
infravision to 60 feet
90% resistance to sleep and charm
wield 2 weapons
species enemy: Ork
long bow
battle axe
animal lore
animal handling
animal training
rope use
set snares

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weapon speed hit adj. THACO #attack range damage (S-M/L)
Scimitar +1 4 +1 14 1 D8+10/D8+10
Scimitar 5 15 1 D8+9/D8+9
Battle axe 7 16 1 D8+7/D8+7
Long Bow 8 16 2
Flight arrows 2 D6/D6
Axe of Hurling (+1) 3 16 1 D6+8/D4+8
Dagger +1 1 17 1 D4+8/D3+8
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Special Equipment

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He was born in a small vilage, as the oldest son of the village leader. He recieved the normal Silvan Elves training. Very quick it becqme clear that he had inherited his fathers strenght and he started to take battle training. When he found out that he could feel the animals around him, one of the village rangers was persuaded (read: ordered) to train him. Under the guidance of Rimmer Dahl, he started ranger training.

One day he was attacked by a group of Orks. Although he killed half of the group, they captured him and took him to their cave. They tortured him for three days before Rimmer came and rescued him. From this encounter comes his hate for Orks. (they cut his jaw open from his mound to his ear).

The next years he raomed the forests, together with Rimmer Dahl. One day, they were asked by some Faery Dragons to do something about the loss of nests, due to Ork attacks. Rimmer and Allanon accepted and tracked down the Orks. After a short fight, they were all dead. The dragons thanked them, and in the process did a few practical jokes. Now, Allanon didn't like practical jokes and since he was so strong, the other kids of his age didn't mess with him.

He got so angry he destroyed a nest himself, the one of the queen. For this he was expelled and send to Waterdeep.

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