Alternity is a futur-based RPG. It can be as close as 2002 and as distant as 2500. The former is the Dark Matter Setting, the latter the Stardrive Setting.

In this type of RPG you roll your dice against your skill. To give an example: character A has a dexterity of 12 and a riffle skill of 14/7/3. To shoot whit a riffle, he trows a D20 and if it is better then 14, he hits (ordinary). If it is better then 7, he hits good, and if it is better then 3, he hits dead on center. The game master can rule additional bonuses or penalties (like if you shoot very far, or in heavy wind).

Currently I have 3 characters. The first in Dark Matter, the two others in Stardrive.

Joice Van Zandt

Amiante Von Kadary
Kor Thi

I'm also a GM for an Alternity campaign. This campaign is set in the Dark Matter setting. The players play with CIA Field Officers, doing all sort of (mostly) black ops. These are the characters:

Charles Duprez
William Addington
Sofie Gustafsson
John Rhyss