Amiante Von Kadary

Physical Appearance

age: 26
height: 1m73
weight: 68 kg
eye color: brown
hair color: black

Species: Human
gender: female
home: Austrin Ontis
Profession: Combat Spec
Career: Soldier
attributes: Can't get enough/Wordly/Confident-aggressive
social status: Top Enlisted





Combat movement rates: sprint: 26 run: 16 walk: 6 easy swim: 3 swim: 6 Glide: 26 fly: 52

attack forms score base die type range (s/m/l) Damage (o/g/a)
Unarmed 14/7/3 D0 LI/O Personal D4+2S/D4+3S/D4+4S
Laser Rifle 15/7/3 -D4 En/O 100/400/1000 D6+1W/D6+3W/D4+1M

Action Check

marginal: 14+ ordinary: 13 good: 6 amazing: 3
Actions/round: 2


Strenght: 13 (res +3)

Dexterity: 13 (res +2)

Constitution: 11

Intelligence: 8

Willpower: 8

Personality: 7


She was born on one of the Autrin-Ontiss colonies as 4th out of a family of 5. Both her parents were farmers and raised her and her 4 brothers to be farmers.
3 of her brothers decided to go in the army and when she was 16, she decided to follow. The training was very heavy, but she liked it. She was very good with rifles, but not so good with pistols and heavy weapons. She did a few mission and raised ranks to sergeant.

While following an extra training course on ship-based weapons, she was raped by her CO. When she filed a complaint, the CO said she seduced him to get a promotion.
The CO let her two options, leave or be thrown out. So she left the Austrin-Ontiss army and enlisted in the Concord. She could keep her rank and was send to the Lighthouse in the Verge.