Niriko Hikahi


Basic Information

race: human
gender: female
age: 16
height: 1m75
weight: 62 kg
eye color: green
hair color: blond

alignment: Lawfull Good
AC: -4
hitpoints: 40
experience level: 7

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strenght 16
dexterity 16
constitution 13
intelligence 13
wisdom 15
charisma 18
paralyse, poison, death magic 10
rod, wand, staff 12
petrify or polymorph 11
breath weapon 12
spells 13

special abilities
Detect evil
protection from evil
lay on hands (cure 2 HP/level)
cure disease (ones per week)
immune to all disease
all saves +2
Long sword (specialised)
2 handed sword
horse lance
heavy crosbow
bastard sword
Riding land based
direction sense

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weapon speed hit adj. THACO #attack range damage (S-M/L)
longsword +1 3 +2 14 2 D8+4/D12+4
bastard sword +2 5 +2 14 3/2 D8+3/D12+3
heavy crosbow 10 14 1 8/16/24 D4+1/D6+1

turn undead

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Special Equipment

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She was born daughter of a paladin and a noblewoman. Noriko had inherited her mother's beauty. But she had inherited her father's strenght and his sense of honor. At the age of 3, she was tested by a traveling priest of Tyr and her parents agreed on having her sent to the paladin school of Tyr, where she went at the age of 6.

They started with Etiquette and sword practice. Although she loved the sword practice, she didn't like the other lessons and from the age of 9, she started to come up with excuses in order to get more fighting practice. But her teachers always managed to find her and she then got punished.

She loved the fighting and riding lessons and quickly mastered the longsword. While most of the other students were still trying on longsword, she was already training with a double handed sword. After that came the lance.

When she was 16, they decided to let her go. Rather then to serve on a castle, she took her horse and started wandering the lands, using her sword for the good cause. One afternoon, she was attacked by a band of Orks. She managed to kill a few, but then her horse was killed and she had to flee. She arrived in a village, where she was approached by a wizard, together with some others, to perform a mission. She accepted and this mission started her adventures in .

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