Ifor ap Culhwch

Name: Ifor ap Culhwch
Position: Knight of the Sapphire crest
Age: 19
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Skin: caucasian

Background: He was the 4th son of Culhwch and Gwendolen, who were minor nobles tending a small domain near Evandler. From a young age he was attracted by the forest, just as Yesting, the 3rd of the children. Together they wandered through the forests often, and when Ifor was 6 and his brother 7, they met Carey, the forrestkeeper of the baron of Evandler. Sensing that they liked the forrest, the he started to teach the two boys the ways of the forest.

After a year, Yesting was called by the druids, and left home. Ifor now spent more time with Carey then he did with his parents, and he learned how to survive in the forrest. He quickly became very adept with the longbow, and he was a very good tracker. After his elder brothers were old enough, his father also started to teach him the principles of knighthood, as well as how to manage a domain, even though he would probably never do the latter. He also learned how to read and write.

He was 13, when disaster struck. He was in the forest, with Carey, when a red glow became visible at the horizon. Seeing it was close to his fatherís estate, he and Carey ran that way, but they were too late. The estate was burned down to the ground, and he found his father and his two eldest brothers lying on the ground, swords in their hands, but clearly dead. Of his mother no trace. A group of bandits, who had pillaged more in this region and who had eluded the baronís efforts to capture or kill them, had hit again. Ifor swore vengeance, and nothing Carey tried could turn him away from it.

His elder brother was a druid now, and that meant that he was the heir of the estate. He sold the land to his neighbours, bought a horse and some good weapons, and headed into the hills to attempt what that baronís soldiers hadnít managed to do, namely to track and kill the bandits. Although the baron had good trackers, Carey being one of them, Ifor managed to slip between the banditís patrols, something one man could, but a group of soldiers couldnít do. That night, two months after the fatal day, he killed the first two bandits. When they left their camp to move on, he went in to see what he could learn about them and there he found his motherís body. He burried her conform the traditions, and went after the bandits again. The first druid he encountered he asked to tell his brother where their mother was burried, so he could perform a proper ceremony.

Over the next year, he followed the bandits, and managed to kill all but two of them. These two, the leader and his lieutenant, managed to elude him, but Ifor didnít give up. It took him three months, but he got them when they threatened a druid. The druid thanked him for the rescue, and while traveling together, he thought Ifor the basics of healing, building on what Carey had thought him.

Now his vengeance was complete, he could let that part of his past rest. Because he wanted to do something else for a while, to bring his mind at ease, he enlisted on a ship. For the next three years, he sailed on the Myfanwy, one time going as far as Amwythig. While on the journey back from that trip, he started longing to the forests, so when he got back in Gwynriod, the home port of the Myfanwy, he decided to go back to the forests. He started wandering again, and ended up near Alban, where he entered the service of the king.

Personality Profile: After what happened with his family, he has some trouble trusting people. Although it is better now he has served on a ship for a couple of years, where you have to trust your shipmates, he still tends to be a loner. While he is friendly and easy going, he will seldom seek contact himself, and will not discuss his past with others. The only exception to this are druids, whoís orders he will follow to the best of his abilities. When he wants to be alone, he simply vanishes into the forests.

physical profile: He is very fit, but he looks more like a long distance runner then a sprinter, like most knights tend to do. As he normally doesnít wear much armour, and certainly not full plate, he doesnít need the extra muscle to lift the heavy armour. But he can (and has done on occasions) run a couple of days with only minimal rest. Because he doesnít look muscular, it doesnít mean he has no strenght, as many people have found out, but he relies more on endurance and agility to get the job done, then on pure strenght.

Skills and Abilities: Tracking, archery, survival in the wild, horseback riding, swordmanship, read/write, seamanship and navigation, basics of healing and herbalism, good endurance.

Special Notes: On his longbow and swords are runes, which are said to bring good luck when using the weapons.
He is a follower of Abnoba, the goddess of the hunt.