Christina Jameson

Name: Christina Jameson
Position: Chief Science officer
Rank: Lieutenant commander
Terran Age: 36
Height: 1m76
Weight: 68 kgs
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: white
Skin: ebony
Species: Human
Place of Birth: Plymouth, England, Earth
Languages: Federation Standard, Vulcan

Interests: Pizza, silat, writing novels

Dislikes:doctors and counselors


Service Record:

decorations: Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart (2 times), Combat Action Ribbon , Combat Bar, Starfleet Commendation Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Starfleet Unit Commendation

reprimands: 2377 reprimanded for insubordination against commodore Williams of SF Science.
2379 demoted for insubordination

Background: Her parents were both exobiologists mapping the alien vegetation near the new colony of Dargo III, when the sun went into a period of high activity. A solar flare killed half the colony due to the high radiation levels, including Christina's father. Her mother, 8 weeks pregnant, was evacuated with the rest of the colony, and went to her birth city of Plymouth. Soon after Christina's birth, doctors thought she was blind, because she had no iris and lens. But soon it was established that this was caused by the high radiation and that she could see. She was tested for ceveral weeks, but nothing else was discovered.

Her early childhood passed without problems, untill she was 6 years old. When her teeth changed, her canine teeth continued to grow untill they were like vampire fangs (according to one doctor).

She was tested again, but she didn't like it. She wanted to play with her friends, not sitting still under all sorts of scanners. One day some doctors wanted to redo a test for the third time and she refused. When they tried to grab her, she bit two in their hand and one in his leg. She did it a few more times and therefore she had to undergo a lot of counseling sessions. The only result was that her fear and hate for doctors now also involved counselors.

In elementary school, they started to taunt her, because she was 'different'. She became very lonely and most evenings, she would cry herself to sleep. Her mother tried what she could, but it didn't help. Their neighbour, an older Indonesian man named Aref, who had only one leg, saw what she was going through (because he had know it himself) and his friendship helped her through this period. He became the father she had never known.

At the age of 12, Aref brought her in contact with a friend of his, a silat master. For the next 10 years, he would become her second friend, after Aref. he thought her Silat, an Indonesian martial art with as main goal not style, but survival.

In highschool, the taunting continued. One day, when she was 15, one of the bullies went too far and within seconds, he had a broken nose and 2 black eyes. A teacher had seen the entire affair and concurred that she had only defended herself. The taunting stopped, but now they were afraid of her, so she stayed alone. During the pauses, she started to write fantasy novels.

In highschool, they learned the fundamentals of genetics, and after highschool, Christina went to Oxford to study in that field, determined to find out what had happened to her body. She trowed herself on her study, almost never going out and certainly never drinking, since she was highly allergic to both alcohol and synthahol. Since she did nothing but study, silat and writing some fantasy novels (wich she will never publish), she graduated cum laude.

During her youth, she had heared a lot about Starfleet. And since there were a lot of different species in Starfleet, she thought she wouldn't stick out so much, so she applied. She was accepted in the academy and she took up science as her major. She still wanted to find out what happened to her, so she took star physics as specialisation, along with biochemestry, a field closely related with genetics. She had to choose a minor subject and since she didn't like medical and counseling and wanted to defend herself, she took security.

Since there were a lot of aliens, she wasn't taunted anymore. But all tries by anyone to become anything more then just a classmate failed on her inability in social contact, formed due to 16 years of solitude.

After graduation she was posted on the Endeavour, an old Nebula class. For the first time in her life, she felt at home. Mostly because she wasn't the only one with a different genetic heritage on the ship.

She got permission to continue her own project, finding out what happened to her. She also added the assistant chief science, Cathy Scripter, to her research.

While the Endeavour was in refit, she was transferred to the USS Victory, a newer Sovereign class ship. One day while on patrol, they were attacked by a trio of Galor class cuisers. The Cardassians managed to get a boarding team onboard, and they managed to wipe out almost the entire security department, as well as the bridge. The XO, who was on the battle bridge, took command, and Christina, who had been wounded while helping to defend her ship, was offered a position in security, as temporary chief security, When she got out of sickbay. She accepted and she stayed in security. Because the war, science had been downgraded in favour of security anyway.

She was appointed assistant chief, a sign that the Federation had lost a lot in the war, as she had hardly any experience in security, besides the little training she had continued to follow during her years as science officer, but there simply was no-one else to fill the post.

Two years later she was promoted again, and appointed chief security. She was now as battle hardened as anyone in Starfleet security. It was a quick promotion, but with Starfleet as damaged as it was after the Dominion war, it was more common to have quick promotions.

In 2379, the Victory got a mission to escort an admiral to a small outpost, where negotiations with another race would be held. During these negotiations, they were attacked by a group of rogue Cardessians, who had gotten the location somehow. The admiral ordered everybody on the Victory to get away, but that would mean that the civilians and the other negotiation party would be in danger by the boarding parties the Cardessians had put on the station.

Christina, never the most diplomatic of people, told the admiral where he could put his order and arranged the Victory security devision together with station security to hold of the Cardies. Luckily for the Victory a Prometheus class battlecruiser arrived, or they wouldn't have survived the Cardessian raid. The two combined security groups managed to hold long enough to give everybody the opportunity to evacuate, and then they retreated on the Victory. The station was abandonned.

Because of the gross insubordination, Christina was demoted to Lt. junior grade and transferred to the K'Hotan. It was deemed punishment duty, but Christina was a fighter, and because of the lack of qualified personnel for the K'Hotan (Admiral Hendershaw was alone in positioning good people on the K'Hotan, the others just put the screw-ups there), she was promoted back to lieutenant after she had found a cure for a virus they had picked up on a planet (again, with Hendershaw's help). She was also placed again in science, as department head, because lieutenant Boone, the current chief, resigned his position.

There she stayed for a couple of years, building experience again, and making a few top publications. Because of these, she was transferred to the New Londen medical facility, as chief of science. The only problem is that she has to work with doctors the whole day now.

Personality Profile: The tests and experiments in her youth have made her fear and hate doctors and counselors. She'll do anything to avoid them. Due to her looks (specially her fangs), she never made real friends. She largely keeps on her own and rarely (if never) engages in social contact.
If she's afraid or angry at someone, she tends to move her lips and open her mouth so her fangs become visible.

During her stay at Starbase 334 she noticed that she was looking at women more then men. First she tried to deny this, but in the end she had to admit that she was a lesbian.

The war has left traces, as it did on everybody. She also finds her demotion undeserved. A reprimand, okay, but this she finds going way to far, seeing she ucceeded. She will do anything to prove she still has what it takes, something she still has.

She has less fear for doctors now, and as long as she isn't a patient herself, she can work with them. She does tend to keep these contacts to a strict minimum though.

physical profile: She's fairly tall and well build. She keeps herself in condition with her silat training.

Her mutations caused her hair and her entire eye to be snowwhite. This makes her eyes seem to glow in the dark.
Also her canine teeth are elongated and are like fangs.
She has very good nightsight

Special Notes: father: Daniel Jameson (deceased)
mother: Sarah DeVreux-Jameson (civilian scientist, Oxford University)