Joice Van Zandt

Physical Appearance

height: 1m68
weight: 62 kg
eye color: brown
hair color: black

Species: Human
gender: female
Profession: Combat Spec
Career: Soldier
attributes: Winning is all/Wordly/Confident/Energetic
social status: 6/2/0

She's a well trained woman who wears her hair in army-style.




Combat movement rates: sprint: 24 run: 16 walk: 6 easy swim: 3 swim: 6 Glide: 24 fly: 48

attack forms score base die type range (s/m/l) Damage (o/g/a)
Unarmed 13/6/3 D0 LI/O Personal D4+1S/D4+2S/D4+3S
Pistol, 9mm 14/7/3 -D4 HI/O 6/12/50 D4+1W/D4+2W/D4M
Assault Rifle 14/7/3 D0 HI/O 60/120/300 D4+2W/D6+3W/D4+1M

Action Check

marginal: 14+ ordinary: 13 good: 6 amazing: 3
Actions/round: 2


Strenght: 12 (res +2)

Dexterity: 12 (res +2)

Constitution: 11

Intelligence: 11

Willpower: 7

Personality: 7


She was born in Sparta, N.J., on 7/7/1977 as only daughter of Maurice Van Zandt, US Navy commander and XO of the USS Apache, and Janet Morrison, employee at the local counsil. She had a normal youth, except that she was very strong. One day in '91, when one of her friends was laughed at because of her appearance, she interfered and broke one of the other kid's arm.
For this she was expelled and she had to go to another school. Two days after the incident, a telegram arrived that her father, now captain of the Apache, had died in the Gulf. She threw herself on her studies for the next years, graduating with honors

When another Gulf Crisis appeared, she decided to go in the army. After the basic training she put a request for the Light infantry and was accepted.
There she learned what it really is to be an infantrist.

But she din't liked it there and she asked for a transfer to army flying corps. She completed the helicopter training, and was assigned to the 16th Special Ops Wing.

During a party, she engaged in a bet in who would be the best pilot. They went to the airport, took two helicopters and went out. During a manouvre the helis came to close and they crashed, killing the other crew. She managed to put the heli on the ground, but she got injured in her legs. The heli was a total loss.
After surgery, seh healed perfectly, but sometimes she feels her injury.

She was thrown out of the army and the only thing that prevented her being send to Leavenworth was her very good service record. She was on her way home and stayed for a night in Zion National Park.