Kor Thi

Physical Appearance

age: 35
height: 1m89
weight: 80 kg
eye color:
hair color:

Species: Mechalus
gender: male
home: Union Of Sol Profession: Tech Ops
Career: Engineer
attributes: Yearn to learn/Ethical/Peaceful-logical
social status: Enlisted

Cyber Enhancements:





Combat movement rates: sprint: 18 run: 12 walk: 4 easy swim: 2 swim: 4 Glide: 18 fly: 36

attack forms score base die type range (s/m/l) Damage (o/g/a)
Unarmed 4/2/1 D0 LI/O Personal D4S/D4+1S/D4+2S
Stutter Pistol 11/5/2 LI/O 6/12/30 D6+2S/D8+2S/D8+4S

Action Check

marginal: 14+ ordinary: 13 good: 6 amazing: 3
Actions/round: 2


Strenght: 8

Dexterity: 10

Constitution: 11

Intelligence: 15 (res: +3)

Willpower: 9

Personality: 7


He was born on the Mechalus homeworld. His father, a gridpilot, died when he was 4 because someone traced his shadow. It became clear very fast that he inherited his fathers love for computers and technical mathers, but his mother pushed him to engineering.
He followed engineering as main course, but computer ops as his minor course.

After school, he enlisted in the Concord Police Force, where he was placed on a small, old ship, designed for controls on other ships. There he quickly got skilled in making quick, on the spot repairs. And since he could merge with computers, we also did the hacking in the pirats computers.

Suddenly he was transferred to the Lighthouse, where he had to wait for further orders.