Chun Li

Chun Li

Name: Chun Li
Occupation: Escort Pilot/Private Investigator/Bodyguard
Allegiance: Neutral (Anti-Empire)
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 102 lbs.
Marital Status: Single
Species: Human
Birthplace: Fondor
Family: Father: Changshou Li, Mother: Yang Kwo

Physical Description:
She's petite, but her small frame houses a great deal of internal strength. She has long black hair, at times annoying to get it into her pilot's helmet, but she likes it much better now then the military grade haircut she had during pilot training. She keeps herself in shape with martial arts training.

Professional History:

Li is a jack of all trades. She doesn't have anything she is really excellent in, but she knows enough about a lot of things to keep herself (and her current employer) alive. After deserting the empire in her fighter, she has done anything from bodyguard to escort piloting to bounty hunting, as well as some investigations when asked (and paid). She has worked for legal companies, or at least companies that looked legal. She refused to work for criminal organisations, although she did work for their front companies, and anybody with too tight imperial connections.

She owns a modified Cygnus XG-1 assault gunboat with which she does the escort work. She also possesses identity cards for half a dozen identities, should the need arise.

Chun Li Li was born on Fondor just before the clone wars. Her mother was a schoolteacher and her father was a hyperdrive mechanic at Fondor yards. Her parents approved when Palpatine got into power and announced to build an army of the republic. As the clone wars started and Palpatine got more power, Li's parents stayed on his side, stating more then once that there needed to be more order in the galaxy, and raising their daughter that way.

She was six years when Palpatine announced the Empire, and with his rise to power, the Fondor shipyards got more work then ever. Her father, a strong supporter of the emperor, was promoted twice in quick succession. As a result, Chun was able to visit a better school. At school, she was often bullied because she was so small, but she was following martial arts classes, and the one time things got physical, she managed to silence the bullies quickly. That was the end of the pestering she had to endure.

When she was 17, she asked her father to help her getting into the Imperial academy on Carrida for fighter pilot training. He didn't approve, and wanted her to do something else. But she was as stubborn as he was and in the end he relented, but he told her that she would come to regret that decision. They had some heavy arguments and it would take until she transferred to intelligence before she reconciled with her parents.

Her father did prove right, as she was part of what was called the NHM track (Non HuMan). Her long black hair was cut to stubble, and she was subjected to humiliation, bullying and at one time, after one year, even rape. Half of the guys trying rape were kicked or punched in sensitive regions (she still kept up her martial arts) but there were simply too many. Her charges were creatively misfiled and three days later she was transferred from fighters to shuttles, although she could beat most of the men in the simulators. Stubbornly she continued, learning to fly with lambda class shuttles. She took some marginally legal lessons where she learned to fly with a close relative of the lambda, the assault gunboat.

During her second year, she was recruited by imperial intelligence and transferred to their training centre on Imperial Centre. They knew that they needed women for some missions, and they had been following Chun for some time now. She accepted and started a new part of her life. Away from the humiliation and the bullying she really blossomed, and in short time she was one of the better students. Besides the standard courses in infiltration and information gathering, she also continued her pilot's training, adding most mall ships from both empire and rebellion to her list of craft she could fly with. She also got some courses in mechanics, so she could repair those ships. It also provided her with a basic cover she could always fall back on. During this time, she really enjoyed life on Imperial Centre. Far from the troubles in the Galaxy, even isolated from the lower regions of Coruscant, life was very good.

At the end of her third year, she got her first test assignment. She was to go to the Devastator, a Victory class star destroyer near Phraetiss. The captain was suspected of rebel sympathies, and she had to find out what was going on. Her cover was that she would the leader of a squad of 6 assault gunboats, which would be added to the ship's fighter complement for an upcoming mission against Farrfin. She got a lieutenant's rank and flew out with her squad, none of which knew that she was an intelligence officer. Two weeks earlier, she called up her parents and they had said that they had planned a vacation, their first, to go to Alderaan and Imperial Centre, where they could have met with Chun, the first time after 4 years. She send them a message on Alderaan that she might make it, depending on how long the assignment would take her, but that it wasn't sure. She was on the ship for a just a day, when news about the destruction of Alderaan filtered through the fleet. She tried to contact her parents on Imperial Centre, but they had never arrived there, and since they had already left home, she knew they were dead.

Officially it was blamed on the rebels, but Li who knew from her intelligence masters that Alderaan was a hotbed of rebel activity, didn't believe it. When they embarked on their mission, the assault gunboats deployed before they left in hyperspace, as they were hyperspace capable. Li cut out her hyperdrive after ten seconds, doubled back on her course to the system they had left and from there towards the outer rim, finally ending up on a planet called Zhotta. There she had her first taste of life at the other side of the law, as the planet was run by smugglers and the like. She had her ship looked over for tracking devices, paying with four of her sixteen concussion missiles.

From there she started her business, first as escort pilot. Since she had one of the best escort craft in the galaxy, and certainly a better one then the old Headhunters or uglies most escort pilots used, she worked mostly for merchants who couldn't hire a group of people, but wanted some protection. She quickly built a reputation for being good at her work, and even more important, being trustworthy. She even did courier work from time to time, using the small cargo capacity of her fighter to haul small, but highly valuable cargo, like gems. She did make sure that whatever she transported was legal cargo and she definitely kept her distance from spice smugglers.

It was during one of these courier runs that she started investigating things again. Someone who had all the right codes took a case of gems from her, but he proved to be a fraud. Li, who had promised to deliver them safely, investigated and managed to work her way into a local crime syndicate. Retrieving the gems, she then tipped the local police about the hideout. She brought the gems back to her contact person, and informed to her employer about a security leak in his organisation.

The man, who owned a large part of a shipyard, was so grateful he had his shipyard do some upgrades to her assault gunboat she wanted for some time. With these done, she continued her work, occasionally doing investigation or bodyguard work as well. Her petite frame made her good at bodyguard work, since she looks like anything but a bodyguard. Her work has brought her to a lot of planets and Chimaeria is no exception.

Chun Li She is more a listener then a talker, something that was further trained by imperial intelligence. She's rather closed, and she can be very quiet, except when the mission at hand demands otherwise. Then she can play a wide variety of roles.

Vehicle of Choice:
She owns a modified Cygnus XG-1 assault gunboat, named Fa Rong (meaning fearful dragon in an obscure dialect on Fondor). Normally equipped with two front-firing lasers, two front-firing ion cannons and two concussion missile launchers with 8 missiles each, hers has quite a lot of modifications. The number of missiles has brought back from 8 to 5 in each launcher, mostly due to difficulties in obtaining them. The free space is taken by two aft-firing lasers on swiveling mounts, controlled by the battle computer. This has surprised many enemies.

Other modifications are more defensive. She has mounted a backup hyperdrive motivator and a battery pack sufficient to cold-start the engines. These modifications are in normal mode not connected to any other system, and can be connected either by the computer or manually. In case an ion cannon shorts out her hyperdrive, she can connect the backup and still escape (normally at least one of the two engines can be restarted after an ion cannon hit).

Form of Dress:
It depends mostly on the mission at hand. In her free time, she likes loose clothes in bright colours. She will not be seen in a skirt, unless it's absolutely necessary for a mission. She will also always carry at least a blaster and a knife, even if it's only a holdout version.

Superhuman Powers and Abilities: None.

Abilities and Skills:
She's a competent pilot in an assault gunboat and lambda class shuttles. She also has simulation experience in a wide variety of small ships (fighters, shuttles and light freighters), and can repair most common problems on spaceships. She also has skills in investigation and infiltration, due to her training with imperial intelligence. She has done, and still does, several kinds of martial arts. She's not a great shooter, but can hold her own in a blaster fight. She also likes to play sabacc, including some of the more obscure versions.