Lieutenant (Jg) L'Mina

Name: L'Mina
Position: Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Excaliber-B
Terran Age: 31
Height: 1m78
Weight: 67 kgs
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: green
Skin: Black fur
Species: Caitian
Place of Birth: virrra, L'narrr continent, Cait
Languages: Federation Standard, Caitian, Vulcan

Interests:hunting, flying, climbing


Service Record:

decorations: none

Background: L'Mina was born on the homeplanet of Cait, but in a small village on the jungle continent L'narrr. Most Caitians don't like jungle, but L'Mina simply loved it. Specially climbing in the big trees and looking at all the tiny little creatures living in them. Her parents, a zoologist and a nurse, encouraged this. Her youth was quite iddylic, even though she was once attacked by a crocodile who's nest she had disturbed. She got away by climbing a tree, but she still doesn't go near water.

At the age of 18, she went to the university of Larrrtov, the biggest continent of the planet. There she choose genetics, and after getting her master, she did a PhD in biochemistry, a field closely related to genetics. But unlike her father she didn't want to spent the rest of her life in some backwater village on Cait and staying at the university also didn't really appeal to her. During the presentation of her PhD research, two Starfleet officers were also present. On the reception afterwards, they talked about her research, but also about Starfleet. She did some thinking and decided to apply for the Academy.

Due to her having a PhD already, she didn't have to do all the courses, and she got into a special program that took only three years to complete instead of 4. As her minor she choose flight control, having gotten a love for flying at Larrrtov university, where they often went out with airspeeders.

After graduating (with honors), she was assigned to the USS Reliant, a Nebula class ship, and one of the few with a sensor pod, instead of a weapons pod. During her second year on the ship, an away team that landed on an uninhabited planet, caught a virus. This virus, which she simply named Aludra, after the system they were in, reprogrammed the T-immune cells of the host body to attack the heart of the patient.

Strangely she wasn't affected, and with half of the crew in quarentaine, it was up to her and the rest of medical to find a cure. She broke it's genetic code and managed to find something to prevent them from entering the T-cells. For this she was promoted to Lieutenant jg, and when the assistant chief science position on the Excaliber came available, she was transferred.

Personality Profile: She's curious about everything, and sometimes gets in trouble over this (like the adventure with the crocodile). She doesn't like water, and will do whatever she can to avoid it (sonic showers are nice). She also likes climbing (she started with trees, but now does rocks, mostly in the holodeck though).

She's a black Caitian, something that happens very rarely, and something that is found very exotic. She also has good low-light vision and excellent hearing, and a tail (which she doesn't like if you pull it).

Special Notes: Her voice has a purring in it, and when she's exited about something, it's sometimes difficult to understand her.