our treaure

Our party has collected a lot of nice things along the way.
The nicest thing we have is Leomund's Desirable Cottage, wich is a cottage that you can wrap up to the size of a pack of sigarettes by saying the command word. If you have it as a cottage, it will stay there for 12 hours, before it wraps itself up.
We use it to stack all our treasure (we nicknamed it Fort Knox).

For the money and juwelry table, the prices between brackets are approximate prices in goldpieces (1 gp= 1$) for the total listed.

weapons and armour
2 Chainmail +1
1 studded leather +1
Shield +1
4 lightning lances (10 charges, speed 6, damage 3D6)
flail +2
mace +1
mace +2
sickle +2
2 long spears +1
battleaxe +1
ivory dagger
short bow
138 sheaf arrows in quivers of 36
robe of usefull items
money and juwelry
2 rings with a topaz
platinum dragonfoot with rosenquartz
earrings with saffire
silver box with pearls
2 golden bracers with bloodstones (1200 gp)
2 platina bracelets with aquamarine and turquoise (3000 gp)
2 golden bracelets (800 gp)
golden bracelet; form of female serpentine tenari
ring with saffire
golden pudal with platinum
gems and juwelry for approx. 29,150 gp
2700 cp
8090 sp
5530 ep
24200 gp
4920 pp