vampire: Dark Ages

A Vampire has embraced you, and now you are one of them. You must act at night since sunshine is hazardous to your health, but you are much better then the mortals.

Vampire community is divided into clans. Each clan has its strenghts and weaknesses. So has each vampire. The first and foremost is your generation. This indicates how many generation you stand from Kane, the first vampire. If you are embraced by a 7th generation, you become 8th, and if you embrace some-one, he/she becomes 9th.

Vampire is played with D10s (10 sided dice). And the number you may roll is the number indicating how many times you have a certain skill. You must roll a certain times more then a number specified by the narrator (the GM). If you roll a 1, one succes is discarded and if you roll a 10, it discards a 1 (if no 1s are rolled, it is just a succes).

Currently I have two vampires, both in the Dark Ages (medieval Europe).

Marriane de Vaux
Wargun Olafson