Lieutenant Maria Evita Jose De la Vega

Name: Maria Evita Jose De la Vega
Position: CSO, USS Prospero
Terran Age: 27
Height: 1m72
Weight: 66 kgs
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Skin: tanned
Species: Human
Place of Birth: Rio De Janeiro, New Brasil Colony
Languages: Spanish, Federation Standard, Trill

Interests:Fast Cars and Silat


Service Record:

decorations: decorations: Purple Hart, Bronze Star, Combat Action Ribbon, Combat Bar, Starfleet Unit Commendation, Starfleet Commendation Medal, Good conduct

Background: Maria was born on the New Brasil Colony, a colony near the Breen Border, in the capital Rio De Janeiro. Not the big city like its destroyed predecessor on Earth was, it was still the largest city on the colony. Her parents followed the old custom of giving her, besides her given name, alse the names of her two godparents.

Because building a colony is not that easy, everybody had to help. The children got the basic education everybody in the Federation got, but they also got a lot of hands-on experience. Maria showed an aptitude for repairing stuff, and because she was a child, she could crawl into spaces adults couldnít get into, and was frequently asked to do so.

She was 12 years old when a group of Breen raiders attacked the colony. The small group of soldiers couldnít do much but holding them of untill the rest of the colony had ran away into the jungle. The Breen didnít stay long, as the temperature of the jungle colony was too high for them, and Starfleet was also reacting, but they did try to get to the colonists. Everybody had to help with the defense, and Maria, who like running around in the jungle and therefore knew her way around it, was assigned to one of the raiding parties. It was there that she got her first Breen disruptor, a weapon she still has today.

After the Breen retreated and Starfleet arrived, the colony tried to rebuild, and Maria helped where she could, but she started to feel there was more out there, and she wanted to know what. Because her parents wanted her to stay on the colony, the result was a number of arguments. As soon as she turned 18, she left the colony, managed to get to Earth, and she applied for Starfleet Academy.

Wanting to protect people, she choose security as major, and engineering, her first love, as minor. She was a good student, and got good grades, but she was also a pationate woman, and there were quite a few reports of fights between male cadets because of her. One time it wrecked a whole bar, and she was on the verge of being expelled. Only her good grades saved her. It was also on the Academy she got into contact with 20th century cars, and she still likes them, racing on the holodeck, which she does whenever she can get away with it.

After graduation she was placed on the USS Merrimac, a Nebula class right out of overhaul. The first years go by quickly, with simple missions, as Maria learns the real life of a security officer. She still has quite some adventures onboard, but when another fight breaks out, the XO calls her to his office and tells her that since she had some fault to the fight, next time she gets kicked out of Starfleet after a court-martial. Especially the way he said it makes she takes the advice to heart and while still hot-blooded, she takes care not to let it come too far.

The Merrimac didn't come into contact with the Aen, but when the Breen acted up again, they were ordered to the border, with Starbase 380, orbiting the New Brasil colony, as their base. An added bonus was that for the first time since she went to Earth Maria visited the New Brasil colony again. She made up with her parents, and Maria could go home often, renewing her old friendships. But that didnít prove all that simple, as she had seen a lot more then her friends, and had been away for quite some time.

She proved to be very good at security, and her engineering minor, focused on small craft and equipment, was also useful on away teams. At one day, when they were patrolling at the Breen border, they got a distress call from one of the listening posts Intell kept there. Since the Merrimac was closest, they headed that way. Another Breen raiding group was destroying the post, and they turned their attention to the Starfleet ship when it arrived. The Breen ships were smaller, but there were three of them, and they managed to penetrate the Merrimac's shields and land boarding parties.

During the fight, the starfleet security team lost both the chief and the assistant chief security. Maria was the next in rank, and took over. With a desperate attack she managed to keep the Breen out of main engineering. They managed to repulse the Breen, and the ships were driven off by reinforcements. The listening post had to be abandoned.

Maria was brought to sickbay with the tiniest spark of life in her, but they managed to get her back to full health, a process which took almost three months, a couple of weeks after the Merrimac left the spacedock. After that period, she learned that she was promoted to full lieutenant, and given the chief security position. She now had to rebuild the security department, something she did very well, remarkably.

when the department was almost rebuild, she was transferred to the USS Prospero, who had just had a refit, to do the same thing there. It also meant leaving the New Brasil colony for the second time.

Personality Profile: She's always full of life, sometimes too much. In her youth, she often got in trouble because her flirtatious nature, and although she doesn't do that anymore (at least, not so much it causes fights), she still is a beautifull woman who turns many heads. Her temper however is something to be avoided, as is her wrath. While normally quite laid back, when provoked, she can be like a fury.

The XO of the Merrimac once said that 'you have to keep her busy with work, and put her in stasis the rest of the time, and everything will go smoothly.'

She likes going out, and will do so as much as time allows. Another of her passions is streetracing, which she enjoys on the holodeck.

Special Notes: She has quite a collection of scars on her body from all the fighting she's been in during her carreer (and also before).


USS Prospero