Flirry Vorru

Flirry Vorru

Physical Appearance

height: 1m79
weight: 76 kg
eye color: brown
hair color: black

Vorru is a avarage build man, one of those men who go unnoticed everywhere (except on a planet with non-humans only).

He doesn't make friends quickly, but if he has a friend, it's for life.


Dexterity: 3D+1

Knowledge: 2D+2

Mechanical: 3D+2

Perception: 3D

Strenght: 3D

Technical: 2D+2


Heavy blaster pistol (5D), blaster pistol (4D), vibroblade (STR+3D), comlink, power pack, blast vest (front only, +1D physical, +1 energy), 41.800 credits


He was born on Correllia and was raised by his father, who ran a refueling station. There he walked all day, looking at the various ships, aliens, and always trying to get inside a freither. He succieded once, but the pilot was forgotten he was inside and took of. He was just in hyperspace, when he realised the little Vorru was still onboard, so when they arrived at the next planet, he arranged for Flirry to return. Because of that, his father forbid him to come near the freighters again. When he was 17, he fled home with a smuggler and started roaming the galaxy.

Once, their ship was destroyed and they were forced to take a piece of antique to make their next run, to Pashandi. Their they took a passenger of the planet. Vorru and the passenger, Vaslav Nayokhan, became friends and he joined the Pashandi in his quest. After the quest was completed, they were on a backwater planet, were they were approached by a recruter of the rebel alliance. Vorru decided to join and Nayokhan followed. Now they are doing trade runs for the alliance.

He likes graesy food, Correllian brandy and a game of Sabbac.