Star Wars RPG

Star Wars RPG is now licensed to Wizards of the Coast, known from Dungeons and Dragons. So Star Wars RPG is now also a D20 system, like D&D (for more details about the D20 system, see here).

The characters displayed here, are still in the old system, when Star Wars RPG was played with normal dice (D6) only. You created a character by putting Dices to various atributes. The 6 big ones are Dexterity, Knowledge, Mechanical, Perception, Strenght and Technical. Then you could divide some extra dices (depending on the GM) to raise some specific atributes (e.g. you want to be a good pilot, but your Mechanical skill is only 3D, you can put the atribute startship piloting under the mechanical skill and raise it to 4D). You can also raise a skill with on pip (e.g. making it 3D+1). one dice divides into 3 pips.

If you had a piloting skill of 4D (like in the example) and you flied a freighter, you had to roll with 4 dices to see if you succeded in flying the ship whenever your GM requests you to do. But you also had a 'wild die' (normally different colour from the others). If you rolled a 6, you were allowed to roll it again, but if you rolled a 1, something happened (depending on de GM).

Here are my characters, as well as our ship and our droid.