Wren Omhsford

Physical Appearance

height: 1m75
weight: 65 kg
eye color: brown
hair color: brown

She's a tall, fairly good looking woman

She will always listen to someone else's opinion, but if she knows she's right, she IS right and then it happens her way.


Dexterity: 2D

Knowledge: 3D+2

Mechanical: 3D+2

Perception: 2D+1

Strenght: 2D+1

Technical: 4D


Datapad, diagnostic scanner, repair kit, medpack, blaster pistol (4D), vibroblade (STR+1D), heavy blaster pistol (5D), power pack, 1.000 Credits


She was born on one of the cloud cities of Bespin, as only daughter of a couple of engineers. Both her father and her mother worked as technicians at the landing site. Around the age of 12, she regulary joined them, since she also loved technical work. There she learned to repair various types of ships.

When she was 17, a smuggler who was stuck there because he had blown his hyperdrive, took her out on his ship and learned her how to fly. For the next month, a whole new world opened. But then the spare parts arrived and he had to go. She wanted to join him, because she had fallen in love, but her parents refused.

Two years later her father was ordered to perform some maintenance on an empirial shuttle. But there was a radiation leak and her father was killed. She blamed the empire and after her father's funeral, she left Bespin and joined the Alliance, where she did maintenance and piloting of the smaller craft.