Commander Verity Allenby

Name: Verity Allenby
Rank: Commander
Species: Human
Age: 41
Gender: male
Height: 1.80 m
Weight: 73 kg
Eyes: Green
Hair: blonde
Birthplace: Canterbury, Kent, England
Birthdate: 8th of November, 2343
Hobbies: Fencing, reading any literature he comes across, playing the piano, classical music, horseback riding, ballroom dancing, rugby.
Languages: English, French, German, Latin, some Klingon



Service Record
2376-2377 Starfleet Academy cadet Intensive Officer Course
2377-2379 USS Arizona Ensign-Lt. jg Counselling
2379-2384 Starfleet Psychiatric Hospital Lt. jg – Lt. Commander Assistant Head of Trauma
2384-2385 Oxford Psychiatric Institution civilian Manager
2385-PRES Starbase medical Commander Chief counseling



Verity Allenby was born in Canterbury, Kent, on the 8th of November 2354, and was the first child in the Allenby household. His father, the Duke of Bedford, had inherited his title from his father and could trace the family line back to when the Duke of Bedford was called Russell. This changed when a girl became the heir in the 21st Century, and she married an Allenby. Verity was brought up with the best of care, in a household where other appearance mattered more than anything else. Still, his mother was modern enough to realise that her son needed a proper education even if he would inherit the peerage and estate.

Verity was not an only child for long. When he was eight his brother Philip was born, while Verity himself was in a boarding school. There, Verity lived and studied alongside other privileged children and had the chance to advance. His skills were within languages, and despite having a talent with sports his only real joy was fencing. Still, he played rugby and went horseback riding, usually in foxhunting simulations. He even took ballroom dancing, something which he appreciated in the future. But despite his skills and his masters telling him that he could be whatever he wished to be, Verity wanted to do something useful. Something that his father would not control him in. Verity wished to become a psychiatrist, to help people the best he could, with his analytic mind.

When Philip came to his school, Verity left in favour of Eton, since his father believed that the boys were better separated. Eton was the first slap on the face for Verity, simply because he had not expected it to be like this. The environment was harder than it had been at his old school, the competition tougher. It was everything from fist fights to the public posting of marks and the humiliation of students by the masters.

Verity toughened at Eton, to such an extend that he worried for his own sake. He found himself forced into a certain form, with certain expectations suddenly attached to him. He left Eton when he was 18, only to go to Oxford where he studied psychology with the goal of becoming a psychiatrist. His father would have preferred if he had turned a politician, as his brother Philip threatened with already at the age of ten. Oxford, for Verity, was a chance to try and find himself again.

When Verity was getting a Master’s Degree, he met a woman named Victoria. Her father was a Viscount, and Verity’s father urged his son to propose to her. Verity knew that as the heir he needed a wife and proposed to her after finishing his Master’s Degree. They married and they both lived in Oxford while Verity took his PhD and continued to work at the Oxford Psychiatric Institution, often as a volunteer. But while his wife made political talks with her father and brother, Verity worked with his things with the goal of having his own practice one day. But in his life were also the young men he had affairs with, being unable to stand the wife his father had talked him into taking. The affairs were scattered and he made sure not to put his marriage in any danger. What annoyed him was that Victoria did not wish for a child yet. She wanted a political career, or aiding Philip with it. Which more or less meant that as a husband, he was obligated to sleep with her when she asked for it, unless he had a good reason.

It was in 2375 that pictures were taken of the Conservative candidate Victoria Allenby’s husband half-naked in a dark ally with a young man. Even in the 24th Century’s England it was a scandal, and Verity was disinherited by his father and divorced by his wife. Broke and on the streets with his name in ruin, Verity turned to the only place he could, namely Starfleet.

He took an intensive course over a year, having all the academic qualifications to become an officer as well as a lot of experience. He had to start as an ensign on the USS Arizona, working long hours to advance quickly up the ranks. In fact, he impressed enough to be offered a place at Starfleet Psychiatric Hospital as the assistant Head of Trauma. It was a job he had for five years, enjoying the work he did until an old friend called him and asked if he could come to Oxford and manage Oxford Psychiatrist Institution until she had recovered from her illness. He accepted.

A year later he returned to Starfleet to be offered the position as Head of Counselling on Starbase medical.

Personality Profile:
Verity is a man of ambition who, through his life, has gone from being idealistic to being realistic. As much as he loves being psychiatrist he finds the current situation tiresome, and often experiences migraines. He is controlled, keeping the stiff upper-lip tradition of his home country as firmly as he keeps his manners. Yet below the surface lies a temper that would make most men grimace.

He is a man who likes keeping his life private, and even if he appears quite open about his personal life he gives out little information to keep the majority a secret. He is a professional in his work, but is compassionate enough to see it from his patients’ point of views. He tries to give objective opinions to those who need it, but is not above giving someone a piece of his mind should it be needed. His separation from his family has left him feel ungrounded, something which he drowns by drinking brandy and smoking. He tries not to label people because he would hate being labelled by others and despite working within Starfleet it is rarely he agrees with how it treats its personnel. He believes in the right of all, yet a part of him is still that upper class rich boy who will always feel a little bit superior towards others.

Special Notes:
Verity has a scar over his left eye after a fencing accident. He smokes cigarettes and drinks expensive brandy. He suffers from migraines and is near-sighted without any correction surgery performed. He therefore usually wears glasses, and when he does not he wears contacts.