Boris Michailovitj Nageikin

Name: Boris Michailovitj Nageikin
Rank: Lieutenant
Species: human
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 1.80 m
Weight: 90 kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Birthplace: St Petersburg, Russia, Earth
Birthdate: 10/10/2353
Hobbies: Weapons and Russian Sambo fighting. Collects weapons and badges from every elite fighting force in the universe
Languages: Federation standard, Klingon, Romulan, Bajoran, Cardassian



Service Record
2370-2374 Starfleet Academy cadet security
2373-2374 USS Warspite cadet security
2375-2378 USS Dreadnaught ensign- Lt. jg security
2379-2380 Advanced Tactical School student
2381-2382 USS Iowa Lt. jg -Lieutenant assistant chief tactical
2383-2384 Applied Intelligence School student
2385-PRES Starbase medical Lieutenant chief security



Born in St Petersburg, in Russia, on Earth. The oldest of two children of Ivan and Maria Nageikin. His early years was spent fighting in the streets of the Russian city. He learned to take care of himself and trust no one else. It made him cynical and wanted nothing to do with other people, but then he discovered girls. That made a great impact on him, and he started to become more social. Eventually he got in contact with some people that knew about the Russian martial arts, Sambo.

It was former Russian spetznas soldiers, who had been members of the Starfleet Marines. It made him interested in both fighting, and serving the country in the military. He found a recruiter and signed up for the security arm. His time in the Academy told him that he had done the right thing, he felt that he belonged, for the first time of his life.

After the Cadet cruise, he took a tour of duty that led him to a Lieutenant JG position and an Assistant Security position. He served well, and managed to bag a Service Award. An advanced tactical course made him try that part of the dual service as well, and he learned all there was on Phasers, Torpedoes and shileds. He liked it so much, he took a tour of duty in that position, and got to Assistant Tactical position as well.

By now he was looking back at the roots of his country. He became obsessed about all things Spetznas, and other special forces units, and started collecting all kinds of stuff. He met a man in the mess hall, that said he had a proposition for him, something he would like to know more about. He was intrigued to find out what, so he followed the man in civilian clothes, but with a security clearance that made the head spin on the Chief of Security on his ship. He was lead to a non-descript office, where an Admiral greeted him, smoking a great cigar. He said he was Cesare machiavelli, and had a job for him with the Starfleet Intelligence.

Boris was worried at first, that it was a 'spy-on-your-friends type of mission, but the Admiral just laughed, and said he had that covered already. No he had another mission for him, but first he had to get to the Spycademy, as he called the Intelligence school. After he graduated, he was handed his orders as well as his transfer papers. He was slated for service at the New London AMF, and wait for his orders to come. To his incredible joy, he found out that his sister was going there as well.

Personality Profile:
Correct and courteaous, at least to women, but can be very sarcastic at times, if anyone is annoying him. He likes beautiful women so much, he flirts at every possible moment, but finds most women too shallow. He actually went to the New London Facility to find more interesting women.

Special Notes: