Captain Lord James Alan Brooke

Name: James Brooke
Rank: Captain
Species: Human
Age: 33
Gender: male
Height: 1.83 m
Weight: 80 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Birthplace: Birmingham, England, Earth
Birthdate: 2352
Hobbies: snooker, bridge, swimming, dancing, cricket
Languages: Federation Standard, Bolian



Service Record
2370-2377 Starfleet medical academy cadet medical
2377-2378 Starbase 74 Cadet Intern
2378-2379 USS Miranda Ensign medical
2379-2379 USS Miranda Jieutenant jg medical
2379-2379 USS Miranda Lieutenant medical
2379-2381 USS Miranda Lieutenant Assistant chief medical officer
2381-2381 USS Miranda Lieutenant Assistant chief medical officer
2381-2381 USS Miranda Lt. commander chief medical officer
2381-2384 Starfleet Medical HQ commander Adjudant to commodore Burgos
2384-2385 Starfleet Medical HQ captain Adjudant to r-adm. Burgos
2385-PRES Starbase medical captain XO



He was born in a typical English family. You know, lovely parents, annoying sisters. When he was 12, he saw a friend fall of a bridge and bleed to dead before help could arrive. From this moment he knew that he wanted to become a doctor. After high school, he decided that he wanted to see something of the galaxy. Not forgetting his promise made when he was 12, he went to Starfleet medical.

In 2374 he got the news of his father's death and the fact that he was Lord now (One of his ancestors, General Alan Brooke, became Lord during WW II), although this title didn't means much, he keeps it due to family traditions. About two weeks after the death of his father, a friend of his, who was pregnant, was killed during the delivery. When he had to choose his specialization, he choose not only surgery, but also gynecology.

After the accident, he saw that his life could end in a moment, and that you had to enjoy it while you had the chance. He showed up on every party there was, most of the time only able to leave with the help of some friends. Most of the nights, he 'slept' with some female company, sometimes even more then one. Of course, his grades started to suffer from it, and soon he found himself on the verge of being expelled.

But one of his teachers, commander John Burgos, saw his potential and took him aside for a chat. In the course of months, he helped James back on track. For this, James deems himself in the commanders debt for eternity.

After his year of internship on one of the large starbases, he was transferred to the USS Miranda. Some short months later, in early 2379, James was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Later that same year, James was married to Lt. Commander Shinta Navarre, in a ceremony that took place in England, on Earth. Not much later he was promoted to full lieutenant, and he became assistant CMO.

In 2381 Cat became second officer, and Brooke, then a lt. commander, took over as CMO. But he didn't stay chief medical for long, as his friend commodore Burgos asked him to become his adjudant, along with a promotion to commander. Since Shinta wanted to take some time of at the same time, he accepted and they moved to Brooke's appartment in London.

He stayed in that position for almost four years, during wich Burgos was promoted to rear-admiral and he was promoted to captain. When Shinta got command of the new Starbase medical near Bajor, she asked and got Brooke to be her XO, so the family could stay together.

Personality Profile:
He doesn't make friends quickly, specially not after the accident and what happened after it. He is described by his superior officer at Starbase 74 as a 'stubborn Englishman', which he is. He demands perfection of himself and anybody serving under him. Friendly towards his patients, he can be very difficult to work with.

On rare occasions, the party animal in him will claw itself to the surface and then all the women have to watch out, since he can be very charming if he wants to be. Although now he's married, he is faithfull to his wife.

Special Notes:
He's probably one of the very few officers who likes to wear his dress uniform. All his uniforms (and other clothes) are custom made by a tailor in London, and he will never wear replicated clothing, unless he has no other choice.

He also owns a personal shuttle, a type 11 that he modified as a VIP shuttle (he likes his comfort).