Commander Aidoann Danara

Name: Aidoann Danara
Rank: Commander
Species: Betazoid/ Rihannsu
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Height: 168
Weight: 59 kg
Eyes: Dark blue
Hair: Dark brown
Birthplace: i'Ramnau, Romulus
Birthdate: January 1, 2350
Hobbies: Martial Arts, Collecting weapons, Music, Water sports
Languages: Rihannsu, Federation Standard, Betazoid, Vulcan



Service Record
2367-2367 Basic Marine Training, Luna/Mars recruit infantry
2367-2368 42nd Battalion Private 1st Class Intelligence/Medic
2368-2369 Classified Private 2nd Class Force Recon Intelligence/Medic
2369-2370 Classified Lance Corporal Force Recon Intelligence/Medic
2370-2370 Medical Leave Corporal
2370-2378 Starfleet Academy cadet medical
2377-2378 USS Dante Ensign Medical Officer
2378-2379 USS Dante Lieutenant jg Medical Officer
2379-2380 USS Dante Lieutenant assistant chief medical
2380-2380 Starfleet Medical Lieutenant Commander Bio-Medical Research Div
2380-2381 Medical Facility Romulus Lieutenant Commander Bio-Medical Research Div
2381-2383 USS Shadowfire Lieutenant Commander chief medical officer / acting XO
2383-2385 USS Shadowfire Commander chief medical officer
2385-PRES Starbase medical Commander chief medical officer



Late one stormy i'Ramnau night, on January 1, 2350 Aidoann was born in a secured wing of the Tamed medical facility. No one knows for sure exactly what her actual birthdate is. There are some sources that have it as December 31, 2349. Rene and her infant daughter were rescued from the Tamed Detention Center by a team of Starfleet Intelligence officers during a covert operation.

Hunter Brennan didn't believe that his daughter should be punished for what occurred on Romulus. He tried his best to keep Rene from being so harsh on such a beautiful, innocent little girl. On the other hand Rene viewed her oldest daughter as too wild and hot tempered at times.

Aidoann grew up with a slight rebellious streak yet maintained a close bond with her family. Occasionally it worried her mother who saw it as nothing more than a result of her part Romulan heritage. While she was still an infant Rene attempted to rename her Aida Brennan, though it didn't stick forever. Hunter still referred to her as Aidoann and when she was old enough she made sure her legal records all used the child's Romulan name given to her at birth.

From an early age Hunter and Rene thought it would be best for Aidoann to be enrolled at a school on Betazed. Neither of them really liked the idea of having her away for that length of time but overall it proved to be the best option.

If they couldn't keep his oldest daughter with them Hunter would settle for nothing less than the best he could arrange for her. Aidoann would attend a well respected boarding school and get the help she needed in other areas as well. It would be the best of both worlds for his adopted daughter. Besides getting a good education, Hunter hoped that his daughter could find a way to heal psychologically. She spent the next several years learning exactly who Aidoann Danara was. There was still a long way to go by the time she left Betazed but she had come a long way already.

For high school it had already been determine to send her to another boarding school on Earth. It was meant to prepare Aidoann for Starfleet Academy. She passed Academy entrance exams with high marks but chose to delay her entrance and enlist as in Starfleet's Marine Corps. After being injured in the line of duty Aidoann finally entered the Academy with the class of 2374. Medical is where she chose to focus her studies. There were a few obstacles to overcome and she was reprimanded once for her actions. A second was never officially entered into her file.

When she wasn't busy studying Aidoann devoted her time to various extracurricular activities. After the Academy she went on to pursue a career as a Doctor through Starfleet Medical. Aidoann went on to serve as a medical officer aboard the USS Dante during her final year while she completed her medical school. She remained aboard the ship after graduation and served there for the next two years. Along the way Aidoann was promoted to Lieutenant (jg), then to Lieutenant and Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

In 2380 Aidoann took advantage of a chance to move her career forward once again. Another once in a life time opportunity presented itself when she was contacted about joining the Bio-Medical Research Division based at Starfleet Medical on Earth. For Aiodann it was a chance to really utilize everything she'd learned as a Medical officer so far. A promotion to Lieutenantt Commander accompanied the change of position.

Six months later Aidoann found herself leading a medical team to her birth planet of Romulus as part of her duties with the Bio-Medical Research Divison. She didn't know what to expect from the assignment since she had never visited the planet after being rescued by Starfleet so many years ago. Aidoann turned out to be one of the first Federation officers sent there after the Reman's attempt to take over the Romulan Star Empire. Due to her skills as a medical officer and a trained command trained officer, Aidoann was designated as leader for Starfleet's medical contingent on that mission. They spent several months on Romulus before returning to Federation space.

Upon returning to Federation space in 2381 Aidoann found herself assigned to the USS Shadowfire as Chief Medical Officer. She had only be aboard for a couple of months when the duties of Executive Officer landed in her lap on a temporary basis. While Shadowfire's permanent XO was on medical leave Aidoann filled the slot. During that time she learned she wasn't ready to move onto command full time just yet, very grateful to return to her medical duties. Her promotion to Commander came in 2383.

While she was stationed aboard the USS Shadowfire, Aidoann met and feel in love with Caz Danara. Eventually they married. In 2385 Aidoann and transferred to New London Medical facility as Chief Medical Officer. She hopes this will allow be a new start for all of them.

Personality Profile:
Though she grew up away from close Romulan ties, Aidoann has never forgotten that heritage. On the other hand she also worries how she would be viewed by them. She had fought to gain any sort of acceptance since her mother feels a bit responsible for subjecting her oldest daughter to lingering resentment.

Deep focus and curiosity are two ways to describe her. She has a tendency to be very strong willed at times. This has gotten the better of Aidoann on a few occasions. While she still has very mixed views of her past the trip to her birth planet gave her some new insight into her Romulan side.

Special Notes:
Aidoann stands for moon in Rihannsu. The name was given to her by her biological father S'harien. He believed it fit his daughter well, a tribute to her beauty many other things.