Lieutenant Ezrazaar

Name: Ezrazaar
Rank: Lieutenant
Species: Czarnian
Age: Early 30s
Gender: Female
Height: 1.93 m
Weight: 96 kg
Eyes: Glowing red
Hair: Sepulture black
Birthplace: Czarnia
Birthdate: None of yer fraggin' business
Hobbies: Whatever feels good at the time be it drinking, brawling or humping around.
Languages: Czarnian, Khundish, Klingon, Standard



Service Record
2369-2372 Starfleet Academy cadet medical
2372-2375 Starfleet Academy cadet Internship
2375-2377 USS Balberith ensign medical
2377-2380 USS Frederick J. Blassie Lieutenant jg medical
2380-2383 USS M. R. James Lieutenant medical
2383-2385 Starfleet Medical Lieutenant
2385-PRES Starbase medical Lieutenant



Ezrazaar is one of the few remaining Czarnians left in the Galaxy. They were a gentle pacifist race until the birth of Lobo. He was psychotic from the get go and in a fit of boredom when he was 13, he bioengineered a species of flesheating insects which devoured everyone on Czarnia. This act so horrified the other starfaring races that they took a harsh stance towards any Czarnian on the offchance there were others this violently insane.

Ezrazaar had been offworld with her uncle at the time, so when his trading ship was intercepted by Starfleet, both he and Ezrazaar were arrested on suspicion despite the fact everything on the ship and in the logs were completely legit.

Both were subjected to modification to make them 'safe for galactic contact' before eventually being released on thier own and lamentably Ezrazaar's uncle passed on from the alterations.

Left alone, she went the only route available to her. If you can't beat them, you join them so she entered Starfleet Academy.

Despite her absolutely near glowing scores in the Security fields, Ezrazaar went into Medical, partly to find a way to reverse the modifications done on her. It was difficult for her since, well, she's not the most pleasant person to deal with which brought her to the possible lowest scores in Academy history as far as the basic psychology grades went. Yet her physiology scores quite above average making it a hard decision with Starfleet Medical in allowing her to continue on with her studies and her eventual graduation.

Even with the misgivings about her as a doctor, Ezrazaar's dual training with both Security and Medical made her a boon when a patient went violent as she could restrain them safely for treatment.

Personality Profile:
Mean, and has a hell of a mouth. However she is a woman of her word and once it's given she'll stick by it heaven or hell. Inwardly she's a bit bitter about having been modified, but accepts that this is how she'll be for now.

Special Notes:
As a result of the modifications done to her, Ezrazaar is only capable of a scant handful of what the original Czarnians had as a birthright. She is able to heal fast from virtually any injury or sickness, but she can't create clones of herself from her blood. Being crushed by a falling starship or being blown to smitherines will kill her as it would anyone else, and the Czarnian ability to survive the void of space is gone from her. Her strength level's equal to the average Vulcan's and she is able to track down any sentient she's had physical contact with. The latter's been an asset when someone tries to evade her for their physical.

Her weapon of choice is a very long, heavy chain with a large metal hook attached that she casually wears on her right arm.