Gavin Navarre-Brooke

Name: Gavin Navarre-Brooke
Rank: civilian
Species: Bajoran/Human hybrid
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Eyes: Grey
Hair: blonde
Birthplace: San Francisco, Earth
Birthdate: 2370



hes a very serious little boy, usually quiet in class. Very protective of his family. He has never known his natural father and his mother never wanted to tell him anything about the man, not even his name. Until recently it was a big problem for the boy. Now that his stepfather James has officially adopted it is less so.

Gavin has lived through a lot in his life already. His first few years were spent in a student flat at the academy in San Francisco. For the rest he grew up in space, first on the galaxy and now on the Miranda. He has seen a lot of trauma during those years, seeing classmates being killed by the Hirogen shook him up pretty badly. Also he frequently worried about his mother.

Until recently he never formed any friendships with children his own age. Growing up on the academy he was around adults, and because of everything he went through he looks and acts older than his age.

Gavin is doing very badly by the time his parents left Miranda. He had even had a suicidal episode, feeling guilty over the death of friends. On earth he was for a little while an inpatient in a psychiatric Children's Hospital. And after that an outpatient. It did him a world of good, and although he is still a sensitive teenager, he is now in good mental health.

He is an age he is contemplating what to study in a few years time.

Personality Profile:
Tall, and he has grown into a handsome teenager. His demeanour is a little bit shy though especially around women. He is still very much in love with Nikki O'Grady, a girl he grew up with when the parents served on several ships together.

Special Notes: