Lieutenant commander Lancelot Grogan

Name: Lancelot Grogan
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Species: Human
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 1.80 m
Weight: 68 kg
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Birthplace: Canterbury, England, Earth
Birthdate: 7th of April, 2353
Hobbies: Listening to music, dancing, surfing, swimming, jogging, fencing, gambling, spending time with his family, playing the piano, singing
Languages: English, Latin, Romulan, Vulcan



Service Record
2371-2375 Starfleet Academy cadet Starfleet Medical Technician Corps
2375-2378 Starfleet Medical cadet advanced training
2378-2378 USS Galaxy Lt. jg Ė Lieutenant medical
2378-2381 USS Miranda Lieutenant Ė Lieutenant Commander Assistant Chief of Medical
2381-2385 Royal Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury civilian doctor
2385-PRES Starbase medical Lieutenant commander Head of burns unit



Lancelot Grogan was born in Canterbury, England, in the 7th of April 2353, to James and Margaret Grogan. His birth was the true happiness of the family, as it was for the man he would consider as a second father, Father Michael. James Grogan was a firefighter while Margaret was a music-tutor and the first years of Lancelotís life were happy, simply because the family had nothing to fear. However, in a world such as this one, there is always destined for something bad to happen, especially to those who do not deserve it. James Grogan died in the attempt of saving the life of a young girl trapped in a burning building. The details were never told to Lancelot, but he would guess and understand many years later that his father had gone in knowing he would not come out. And eventually, he would forgive him that.

Without a father, Lancelot started depending more and more on Father Michael. His mother grieved and, truth be told, never recovered while Lancelot lived in her home. He was a lot like his father in appearance, with dark hair and eyes and a quick smile. He was a choirboy and did well at school, but spent most of his time with Michael simply because he reminded him of his father. And Michael did not mind the boy, in fact he loved him like his own son.

Things changed when his mother met Gregory Holmes, a teacher. Gregory was not too keen on the idea of having Lancelot around, especially since Lancelot openly disliked him. When Gregory moved in, he convinced Margaret that Lancelot would be better off in a public school. She agreed reluctantly and sent Lancelot away.

Away from the security of his home and thrust into having to be around a lot of boys his own age only made Lancelot uneasy. He got into fights and the masters, who really only were trying to help him by disciplining him, only frightened him and made him more miserable. He ran away, hitch-hiking his way to London. But a boy of 15 in London on his own had no real place to go. It was by chance he ran into a young man named Peter, who told him that he could have a nice room, nice clothes and food... but for a certain price. Lancelot did not care at that point, having gone hungry for days. He was introduced into the world of prostitution, where he met Patrick Boyd, the man who would in the end be his saviour.

Patrick showed him the ropes and it did not take long before the boy with the soft Canterbury accent and brown eyes became popular. There were worse fates out there than Lancelotís, but it was not a good or easy life. He was often hurt and when he was Patrick tended him. When Patrick was hurt, Lancelot did the same for him and they were occasionally lovers. During his time as a renter, Lancelot met Chaput, a Starfleet officer who took great pleasure in hurting him. He became the symbol of all Lancelot feared and often plagued his nightmares.

Patrick often dreamt of taking Lancelot away with him. He wrote a book about his experiences, a book he started when he became a rent boy. It was Alia Drakeley who had agreed to buy it, and paid him enough for Lancelot and Patrick to get away. But something happened. Patrick was shot by an angry client and left dying in the street. It was Lancelot who found him and, blood and tears still on him, took the money and ran away. He bought himself a fake letter of recommendation and a certificate that he had passed his A-levels and applied to Starfleet, needing to get away.

Chance more than desire got him into Starfleet Medical Technician Corps and Lancelot became just another face in the crowd. He did his best, because anything else would be betraying Patrick in his eyes. Yet the nightmares plagued him and sometimes the self-hatred was big enough for him to need an outlet. He found it in using a knife on himself.

After graduation, Lancelot volunteered to study extra to get a wider qualification. It worked well enough, but eventually he was posted on the USS Galaxy. There, he did what he did the best. He drank, he chain-smoked and he offered himself for sex to both men and women, regardless of his own feelings. The cheaper he felt the more he felt that he deserved it. It was not until Alia Drakeley, now a security-officer, suddenly recognised something in his behaviour that made his life turn. It was not long before they were lovers, yet Lancelotís ways were not mended, no matter what she knew of his past.

He had an affair with a man while he was seeing Alia, something which nearly ripped their relationship apart. While he repented, she understood him in an odd way.

Lancelot only had one more encounter with Chaput, much to his counsellorís shock. He had been sent to a counsellor some time later after his ex-lover had picked up on a suicidal thought, but Lancelot was everything but suicidal. Eventually, his past was dragged forth. The encounter with Chaput led to him being raped, and it took him a long time to recover. The counsellor had driven a wedge between himself and Alia, a despite the fact that they were married and she was pregnant, the problems continued.

In the end, it took a transfer to Earth to restore their marriage and their love to how it had once been. They moved to Canterbury, where Lancelot started working in a hospital. It gave him a chance to specialize in burn injuries, something he had desired for years to honour his father. The birth of their son Patrick also gave great joy, and it seemed like at last Lancelot had put his past firmly behind him.

In 2385 Lancelotís name was on the list over medical personnel qualified for the position of Head over Burn Unit on Starbase Medical. When he got the position, he and Alia and Patrick moved there, only to meet their old friends Shinta and Brooke.

Personality Profile:
Lancelotís past has most certainly made an impression on him. He still has nightmares about it, but has not had a flashback in two years. He is a compassionate man who truly enjoys his work and takes a great pleasure in helping others. He can easily smile to a patient and has good bedside manners, but he is also a professional. What makes him a good doctor is that he can inspire trust easily with his honest eyes.

Lancelot is somewhat of a former party animal turned family man. He still loves dancing and music, but enjoys just as well to simply sit and spend time with Alia and Patrick. He is stubborn and loyal and certainly not a man to repeat his mistakes. He has a firm sense of honour and duty which he most likely inherited from his father. Above all things he loves and worships his wife, who he sees as the strongest person he has ever met. He admires her to such an extent that just thinking of her can make him grin widely. His son is also one thing that makes him laugh and smile, and he adores the boy more than anything. He tries to be a good and strict father, but it is easy for him to just melt under his look. Already the child has perfected Aliaís angry stare, as well as his own grin.

For those who first meet him, he is a rather carefree but sometimes quiet man who listens well. He is welcoming and doesnít appear to e very suspicious, yet he makes sure that no one is a threat for him or his family.

Special Notes:
Lancelot is a smoker and also is weak for a good drink. There are some things that can make him experience panic and, occasionally, flashbacks. The smell of cognac is one of them, as well as the idea of being bound and gagged. But then again, he has no had a flashback in 2 years.