Lieutenant Commander Asua Pallara-Hendershaw

Name: Asua Pallara-Hendershaw
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Species: Human/Klingon/Bajoran
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Height: 1.87 m
Weight: 72 kg
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: Dark brown
Birthplace: Da’tak, Klingon Empire
Birthdate: 33-5-2345
Hobbies: Klingon culture/history, martial arts, flower arranging, sailing, psychology
Languages: Klingon, English, Bajoran, Some Cardassian



Service Record
2361-2363 Pha’chav (Klingon ship) Ensign security
2363-2366 USS Lexington Lieutenant jg security
2366-2368 Khitomer Lieutenant Federation Starfleet attachee
2368-2370 Qo'nos Lieutenant Federation Starfleet attachee
2370-2373 USS Helvetia Lieutenant security
2373-2376 Qo'nos Lieutenant Federation Starfleet attachee
2376-2377 Earth Lieutenant Diplomatic service
2378-2379 USS Khotan Lieutenant Linguist
2380-2381 Earth Lieutenant Diplomatic service
2382-2383 USS Arizona Lieutenant counseling
2384-2385 Academic hospital, Vulcan Lieutenant commander counseling
2385-PRES Starbase medical Lieutenant commander head of general counseling



Asua was born on the Klingon colony of Da’tak. Her father is Melor Pallara, was the grandson of the legendary first minister Tasin Pallara. Although Asua was born inside the empire she grew up all over the galaxy. Her father Melor, had been raised by human friends of his grandfather and he felt more affinity with humans then with klingons. Melor was half human himself.

He worked as a civilian for Starfleet and while on a mission to Bajor met Taharn Misa. They fell in love and married. When Misa was pregnant they settled on Da’tak for a while were Melor tried his hand at politics. But he was not the politician his grandfather was and he couldn't stand klingon ruthlessness. In 2351 Misa was killed by his politican enemies. And Melor returned to earth with his two daughters and baby-son. Asua was eight and vowed revenge.

The next six years she was raised on earth and was somewhat of a rebel. She ran away from home at age fourteen and enlisted in the klingon naval academy. Asua thought her father a coward because he had not avenged her mother’s death and she had vowed to do that herself. Asua graduated four years later as a tactical and security officer and was assigned to the Pha’chav. It took her two years to find her mother’s murderers. When she had found them, she killed them. It caused a scandal and Asua was cast out of the navy. Her grandfather’s name and her family’s still high influence saved her from further sanctions.

Starfleet wanted an officer who knew a lot about klingons and humans as well. And Asua was a perfect choice, she attended a special course at the academy to bring her up to speed on Starfleet tactics and was then assigned to the Lexington as security officer. During this year Asua also made up with her father. It took her a long time to get settled on the Lexington and to work with humans but eventually she settled in and learnt to be a good judge of character.

In 2368 the Federation asked Asua to become a diplomatic officer and the next couple of years she became a Starfleet liaison first at Khitomer and then on Qo’onos itself. She proved to be a shrewd politician like her great-grandfather. And several klingon politicians tried to persuade her to give up her career and be a politician. But she didn’t want to stay in the Empire and much rather wanted to serve on ships. She managed to do that for a couple of years on the Helvetia before being snatched back.

But now she has demanded to be put on a ship again and has accepted the assignment as Intel officer on the Omen.

Ausa finally fell in love with Jeb Hendershaw, a notorious womanizer. Strangely enough these two seem to find happiness in each other. They have two children together now. And Asua helps take care of his many other children.

Personality Profile:
Asua is outgoing, and likes to keep her klingon heritage to herself. She will never speak of her family’s name and position, unless another starts the conversation.

She likes to be around human males but has never committed herself yet although she has broken many a heart.
She is honest and always speaks her mind.
As an officer she can be very stern, but always just.
She was become more mature after her marriage and her responsibilities as a mother.

Special Notes:
Asua does have a klingon temper and once you agravate her too much, you can be in serious trouble. She has been known to land in the brig after bar fights