Jolor Kast

Name: Jolor Kast
Rank: civilian
Species: Human
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 1.88 m
Weight: 110 kg
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Birthplace: A tramp freighter
Birthdate: May 12 2363
Hobbies: Training with lightsaber, exercise, meditation
Languages: Standard, Vulcan



Service Record
2385-PRES Starbase medical civilian general medicine



On the world of Vanos prime there is a little known Monastary, the order of Jedi Protectors, they are only known to a few, providing aid to stranded vessels and occasionally venturing abroad, though often they were usually just mysterious robed figures who if you saw them battle you would never forget it.

In to this world a family fell when their freighter crashed on the unknown world. His parents were killed and the young boy surely would have been killed as well but for some of the older monks who were out on a walk when they stumbled across the wreckage and rescued the small boy.

From that day on he was raised by the Monks, learning their ways, and their powers, how they tapped in to the energies within them, to act nearly superhuman. He was also trained as a healer.

At his 12th birthday he was selected to apprentice under a Knight/Healer, his time of Padawan apprenticeship was fufilling but hard work because most of it was studying, and meditation to hone his mental skills.

When he was judged ready and faced the trials for knighthood. He passed, and once he did he was tasked to reach out to the new Federation medical base to see if the Federation is someone the Order should make contact with.

Personality Profile:
He seems to be stoic and austere, most of the monks are, but underneath are flashes of a wicked sense of humor.

Special Notes:
The Order of Jedi Protectors are a monastic order which believes that through training and meditation you can tap in to your limitless potential as a person, where an average human uses 5% of their brain on average a trained Knight can use up to 50%, and some of the Masters use as much as 90% causing them to be able to perform feats that are seen as magical. The only weapon they ever use is a saber with a blade of pure focused energy, though it is rare that a Protector will need to unleash his blade outside training.