Ensign Krystal Donovan

Name: Krystal Donovan
Rank: Ensign
Species: human
Age: 28
Gender: female
Height: 1.65 m
Weight: 51 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black/Lots of Bright Blue Highlights (Currently)
Birthplace: Shir’Khana, Vulcan
Birthdate: May 9th, 2356
Hobbies: Being Annoying, Getting Tattoos added and removed, Gambling, Drinking, Reckless Shuttle Piloting, Wicca
Languages: Standard, Betazoid (Very Basic), Celtic Gaelic



Service Record
2373-2375 Starfleet Academy Cadet counseling (training interupted)
2375-2378 Medical Leave Cadet/patient Long Term Recovery/Rehabilitation & Counselling
2378-2380 Starfleet Academy Cadet counseling (last year)
2380-2382 Vulcan Science Academy Ensign ESP Researcher & Counsellor
2382-2385 Various Ensign Medical Leave
2385-PRES Starbase medical Ensign Medical Leave



Krystal Lyndsey Donovan was born on May 9th, 2356 at the medical complex in Shir’Khana on Vulcan, her parents had gone there to seek advice about their daughter, during her pregnancy Maria Donovan had been exposed to a variety of of unknown radiation and energy pulses from an inter-dimensional phenomena. though there were no apparent effects, Krystal’s condition was monitored closely. When Krystal was born, she was subjected to a multitude of tests, and it was discovered hat the energy had affected her brain in a number of ways, primarily, it had activated a number of psionic abilities, most of which were latent, during her formative years there seemed little to worry about, she exhibited an above average memory and recall, and some minor psychic abilities, mainly Telekinetic.

Like her siblings, Krystal grew up as a Starfleet brat, however her abilities expanded dramatically during puberty and Maria and Scott decided that a stay on Betazoid in the Telepathic Institute would help her learn to control these abilities. It had the desired effect, it also though introduced Krystal to her soon to be husband, whom Scott did ‘not’ approve of.

While she was on Betazed, Krystal was introduced to Olan Therris, a Starfleet officer who was an instructor and researcher at the institute. While at the Institute Olan proposed to her and, despite her fathers disapproval, the two were married in 2372 when she was sixteen and he was twenty four. Early the following year their first child Tallan was born. Krystal started at the Academy the following year. Early in 2375 while she was still at the Academy, Krystal again gave birth, this time to triplets, Hermione, Jade and Sally, three girls, and at that point, Krystal decided that despite all that was going on, she couldn’t be happier. However, six months later, September 2375, the Breen attacked Earth. Krystal was at her home in San Francisco when the attack happened with her entire family, strangely, it wasn’t a Breen attack that caused the following, but the Starfleet retaliation that destroyed a Breen ship, it was wreckage that managed to make its way through the planetary defence grid. The wreckage hit Krystals home directly.

Olan, Tallan, Jade and Sally were killed outright, while Krystal and Hermione were critically injured. Krystal spent the next 20 months recovering from her injuries, six months going from one surgery to another, and the rest in extensive rehabilitation. Her surviving daughter however remains in medical stasis awaiting medical advancements sufficient to save her life, she was so badly injured there was no other choice.

In 2380 Krystal finally graduated Starfleet Academy and was assigned to the Vulcan Science Academy. However she was placed on medical leave after an altercation where she broke an Admirals jaw after he made light of the attack on Earth during the war.

Krystal has since spent time going from one medical facility to another, undergoing counselling therapy, which is made more difficult as she is following her daughters Stasis chamber from one expert to another. Her transfer to the New London Facility is the latest in a long line of Medical facilities she has been transferred to. Though she is there as a patient, she does do research into psychic abilities to keep herself occupied, she is a very reluctant patient thoughHer older sister Cassandra has joined her at New London, and began researching ways to help.

Personality Profile:
Before the Breen attack, Krystal was an outgoing, impulsive young woman who lived life entirely in exclamation marks, she loved her family, enjoyed school, and looked forward to graduating.

The Breen assault changed all of that.
Ever since, Krystal has become a troubled, often quiet, frequently depressed woman. The death of most of her children and her husband has left her with a lot of anger and resentment towards the Klingons, Breen, Jem’hadar, the Founders, anyone related to the Dominion, Cardassians, Ferengi (Their neutrality pissed her off, as does their greed) as well as anyone who sided with the Dominion in the war. She doesn’t tolerate anyone from these peoples at all, and has been known to lash out just at the sight.

She has tried to commit suicide once not long after she recovered sufficiently to be told what had happened, but hasn’t tried again after she realised Hermione had even a slight chance of recovery. She has serious anger and emotional issues, and this has been the cause of many of her transfers, she has hit more than one doctor or counsellor, and has only avoided jail time because of her medical record. Some peoples patience is wearing a little thin though.

Special Notes:
Due to the pre natal radiation exposure, Krystal has a variety of psychic abilities, most of which were triggered around puberty. Telepathy, Telekinesis, an assortment of Psychokinetic abilities and Empathic abilities. Precognition is not amongst her abilities, but she it trying to develop a very limited and latent Psychometry.

Krystal is an atypical problem child, trauma and loss have turned her into a reckless and careless person, she has been prohibited from piloting shuttles, but still does so, and has crashed three, she is often found drunk in some bar, and has been categorised as a public nuisance by at least three security departments.

Her uniform is typically non regulation decorated, and her hair is always in violation of some regulation, typically it is black with some bright highlight, currently blue is her preferred colour.

She is also a practicing Wicca, though infrequently.