Jackson Lee Mercer

Name: Jackson Lee Mercer
Rank: patient
Species: Human
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Height: 1.93 m
Weight: 96 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Reddish Brown
Birthplace: Earth Colony on Telos
Birthdate: 2351
Hobbies: Unknown
Languages: English



Service Record
2371-2373 Marine corps private riffleman
2373-2379 Starfleet psychological unit, Luna civilian patient
2379-2385 Celene City civilian none
2385-PRES Starbase medical civilian patient



Jackson Lee Mercer was just an ordinary guy who joined the Marines at a very young age. He left behind his young wife to go and fight in the Dominion Wars. He showed much promise and great bravery in nearly losing his own life to save those of his platoon.

After two years of this the horrors that he saw and experienced began to get to him and he suffered a mental breakdown, though it was not recognised at the time. It was then that he was provoked into assaulting an officer with a shovel when unreasonably ordered to dig a pit to Ďbury Painterís sorry carcass when Iím through with himí. His behaviour became more erratic and he was sent to the medical officer for evaluation. There was nothing wrong with him physically so he was sent for psychological evaluation.

He ended up being kept under psychological evaluation and therapy for over six years. While in care, he contracted spinal meningitis and he lost his hearing and the use of his voice, in spite of all the efforts of the medical staff and their advanced technology and knowledge. It was almost as if his mind just shut off all his means of communication.

He was then formally discharged and pretty much dumped on the streets of the lunar base Selene City where he learned that his wife had divorced him and married another man. Jobless, penniless, no family, deaf and unable to speak, Jackson became homeless and barely existed day to day begging and stealing on the streets. Eventually he was accused of murdering a young woman and taken into custody. He was eventually acquitted but the need for him to remain in care was a condition of his release.

His defense lawyer in his trial took it upon herself to find a place for him. She learned that her best friend, Dr. Darryl Kimbrough was being given the Deanship of the Research facility on a medical / psych station so she petitioned Starfleet to allow Jackson to be placed in the facility under her care rather than send him to a prison or other institution where he would just be locked away and forgotten about.

Personality Profile:

Special Notes:
Jackson Lee Mercer is a total mystery. He is a big, strong man but just seems to be one of those people that no one takes notice of. Though he seems like a nice enough fellow with a heart of gold, there really is no explanation for why he had his breakdown or why he continues to be so depressed. His tendency to turn violent when confronted seems to stem from his frustration at his inability to get his feelings or thoughts across to others, even before he lost his hearing and speech. But now that heís handicapped as such, it is nearly impossible to get into his mind and help him. He will be quite a challenge.