Narie, of the house of Umarth

Name: Narie, of the house of Umarth
Rank: Civilian
Species: Valacarian
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Height: 1.70 m
Weight: 46 kg
Eyes: Blue with small pupils
Hair: Brown with blue streaks
Birthplace: Village of Umarth, Valacar
Birthdate: 2357
Hobbies: Reading scrolls, combat practice, singing, art, herbs
Languages: Valacar, Standard



Service Record
Not Applicable
2385-PRES Starbase medical civilian patient



Narie was born into the House of Umarth in the village of the same name. Her family were the protectors of them and she was born in the Temple of the Goddess. Her birth was the second the family had witnessed since her parents took over from their elders in protecting the village. Narie was treated like a goddess, respected and trained to be able to fight for them. Her childhood days were filled with love and laughter as she developed a keen interest in herbs, scrolls, music and art. It was her way of honouring the goddess, by making sure she could offer comfort and joy to her people.

She became known for her herb-garden as well as the collection of scrolls. As the second daughter, she was only Sacrifice, not the Leader. She would serve and was free to marry whoever she desired, as long as she recalled that her first duty was to the people.

It was in her 18th year that her father came to her and told her that he had sacrificed her for her people. She was to go with Cardassians, to belong and serve them, in exchange for weapons they could use to defend the village against an apposing force on the planet. Though the news frightened her, she could only obey. She was given a day and a night to say goodbye and pack her things. What pained her the most was separating from the temple guard Amonon, who she had started to love. She spent her last night with him, in his arms and wished that the night would last for a lifetime. It did not. The next day they came for her and she was going to go with them. But Amonon had different plans and attacked them, only to be shot. She was taken away, certain that he was dead.

The next years were truly a lifetime for her. She was considered an experiment, because of the strength of her species., and if they could control her they could take over the planet and use them as mindless soldiers. Though she was not easily controlled and hard to brainwash. the Cardassians found it easier to implant a chip in her brain which would also advance her strength. The experiment failed and only Narie’s regenerative abilities kept her from having serious brain-damage. As soon as there was no use for her as a soldier, she became a slave, serving the Cardassians in any way they thought of. She was tortured and raped, degraded and humiliated.

It wasn’t until in 2380 that she was found and released into the custody of the Starfleet Marine Corps. But she was suspected to be a spy and locked away on the Mars base, where she was often interrogated. After a while they lost interest and simply forgot about her, feeding her and watering here whenever they thought about it. It wasn’t until five years later that a counsellor from Starbase Medical was visiting and was shown her. Horrified by the display she demanded that Narie was sent to Starbase Medical and threatened to charge all for mistreatment of a prisoner.

Narie was transferred to Starbase Medical where their personnel had to not only face her traumas, but the false schizophrenia she had developed and the dysfunctional chip in her brain.

Personality Profile:
Due to her abuse as well as the pack-instinct’s need to have someone else, Narie has created a protector for the innocent girl taken from her home and abused. It is the Goddess, a projection of the divinity she always prayed to. The ‘Goddess’ is both aggressive and merciless, quick with violence and sharp words. She usually surfaces when Narie feels threatened, ready to protect her. But she is the goddess in any way possible, and therefore the pain that comes when the chip malfunctions makes her lose control. She always has to be sedated.

But Narie’s real personality is quite warm, and when she is herself she appears weary of people. She does not trust easily and is frightened easily. She cares about others and despite her past she will still try to help a person in pain. Her symptoms are recurring nightmares, flashbacks, paranoia, hallucinations and of course the defence mechanism with bringing forth the goddess.

Special Notes:
Medical profile:
Like most of her race, she has a high pain tolerance. She has scars over her body from various abuse, but it is only skin deep. There are traces of 42 broken bones, one burn scar behind her right knee and one surgical scar over her right breast. The main problem is the chip, which is lodged in the right side of her brain, in a cluster of nerves. It is so deep that it will take extensive surgery to remove it.

Valacar is an M-class planet with a population of 2 million, and it is mostly a desert-planet. The people, the Valacarians, are divided into villages where the ruling house act as the protectors. In a war-situation between villages, the rulers will fight instead of the people, calling themselves Sacrifices. The oldest child marries a person picked by the parents and go on ruling when they die. The other have their freedom and can marry alone, as long as they remember that they serve the people, not themselves.

Their culture is one influenced by art and music, and the worship of the goddess of the sun is similar to the ones found in most worlds. Their language is a musical one, hard to learn or understand. Still, they pick up other languages quickly and since they have been in touch with the Federation, they all speak Federation Standard. Their worship the Goddess in all they do and each village has a temple.

The level of technology is one that has achieved warp capacity, yet they rarely travel through space. Rather, they convert to their old traditions and keep the technology solely to help their people. They have a pack-instinct, and a Valacarian separated from the people becomes lonely and seeks company from others.

Their appearance is different depending on their sex. The females are petit with hair in dark and the colour of their family. Their skin also has traces of that colour and is usually fair. They are also very strong and nimble, their strength almost to the level of a Klingon. They also have regenerative powers, but only on internal damage. Their irises are wide and the pupils small. The males are all pale with dark eyes and black skin formed like hair. They are taller than the females and broader. They all reach sexual maturity at age 24.

The Valacarians can only mate with one of their own kind, making them infertile when having intercourse with a member of another species.