Lieutenant jg Margaret ‘Maggie’ Osborne

Name: Margaret ‘Maggie’ Osborne
Rank: Lieutenant jg
Species: Human
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Height: 1.68 m
Weight: 50 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Birthplace: San Diego, California, Earth
Birthdate: 6th of June, 2352
Hobbies: Rock music, poetry, playing pool, surfing, close combat training, practicing her shooting, archery, stargazing
Languages: English, German, Klingon, Gaatan



Service Record
2369-2373 Starfleet Marine Corps Officer School cadet infantery
2373-2375 8th Force Recon, USS Alabama 2nd lieutenant group XO
2375 transfer to regular starfleet security
2375-2378 USS Hiroshima Ensign security
2378-2378 USS Galaxy Ensign security
2378-2384 MIA, presumed KIA
2384-2384 medical leave
2385-PRES Starbase medical Lieutenant jg assistant chief security



Margaret, or Maggie as she introduces herself as, was born in San Diego to a Marine officer and his wife. She was their firstborn and would be the only girl they got. Her three brothers were born within three years after her own birth, first William and then the twins, Philip and David. Maggie’s childhood consisted of being responsible for her younger brothers, helping her mother and moving with her family wherever the Marine Corps sent her father.

Being the only girl of four children, as well as the oldest and only separated by 10 months from her closest brother, Maggie was a tomboy who learnt how to use her fists at an early age. She would defend her brothers against anyone, but also got into fights with them and always came out on top. She was as good as her brothers, motivated by the love for her father.

She finished High School when she was 17, having skipped a year in Junior High. With her permission from her father she joined Starfleet Marine Corps where she took the infantry training. It was something she wanted to do out of respect of her father, to serve for a few years and then do something else. However, like all the others in her year, she graduated just in time to join the war effort. Maggie started in the 8th Force Recon, being the second in command to a Captain that graduated three years earlier than her. She was a good officer, talking as dirty as the enlisted and being a fierce killer when she had to be. She was a good rifewoman and skilled with a ka-bar. She was well-liked because she didn’t take any bullshit, and she was also the only woman in the group, making her behave as bad as them to get respect.

It wasn’t a pretty war, but she managed to get out of it with minimum damage. In 2374 she saved her unit when they were being attacked, having taken a piss-break during a routine surveillance mission, by sneaking to the firing enemy and slitting the throat of the officer in charge before opening fire on the small group attacking her people. She was awarded the Silver Star for her bravery, yet received no promotion. She was wounded near the end of the war, getting shot in her right leg. She was not involved in the final battles.

She decided that she had done her time in the Marine Corps, but the girlish dreams of becoming an actress were in the past. She transferred to regular Starfleet as a security officer and was stationed on the USS Hiroshima for three years. Since the ship was a standard supply ship, the chances for promotion was less than relevant. She often applied for another assignment, but it wasn’t until 2378 that she got it. She was transferred to the USS Galaxy as a replacement for the lives that had been lost on a previous mission.

She befriended Lt. jg Vanessa Gil, a beautiful woman who was less than shy about her sexuality. She slept with everything that moved but her warm nature made Maggie feel warmer. Besides, someone had to protect Vanessa. Being what she called ‘sexually extinct’, Maggie would often observe the men and women onboard and daydream about them. Her mannerism was too tough for most of the men, who feared her. The closest thing she came to a relationship was her friendship with Eric Odin, an Engineer. However, he had eyes on Alia Drakeley. Maggie attempted to dislike Alia but failed miserably and bonded to the woman, considering Alia her only true friend on the ship. Well, except the man she was attracted to but fought with more often than not. Ensign Victor Azaria was a security officer and they often went to the holodeck together to practice their marksmanship.

Not too surprisingly for some, Maggie and Azaria went from having a huge fight to having hot sex in the gym’s lockerroom. Something which was observed and passed on through the ship. But Maggie and Victor didn’t seem to care much. However, their passion and happiness didn’t last very long. The Hirogen attacked the Galaxy. While people on the ship struggled, Maggie and Victor were down on the planet running away from them. She had hurt her leg when falling and was slowing them down, while two Hirogen followed them. They ended up in a cave, on a ledge surrounded by stones about ten meters down. Knowing they would die, Victor teasingly proposed to her, before getting fatally wounded and falling off the ledge. Maggie, not one for being slaughtered down, threw herself after him.

There was a witness to all this, a young ensign watching. Based on that she was listed as KIA alongside Victor, even if their bodies were never recovered. She received the Bronze Star posthumous. However, Maggie was not dead.

Her body was found by a race living on the planet. They called themselves Yahos, meaning The Chosen in their own language. They were hunters and farmers, a humanoid species with a low technological level. The four hunters brought Maggie back to their village and had their healer see her. The healer, an old woman, had her right leg reset due to a break, as well as trying to heal the deep wound on her knee. She stitched up the gash on the right side of Maggie’s face and, while waiting for the fevers to pass, tattooed her hands with the symbols of the spirits, to aid her healing.

When Maggie woke up, she was both weak and fevered. It took her close to a year before she was restored enough to go hunting. It was a male-dominated society and Maggie was an outsider. She mourned Victor’s death and the destruction of something she wasn’t sure she would keep. Because Maggie had been pregnant when throwing herself after Victor and the shock on her body had taken that from her. It also made it impossible for her to ever have children.

She tried to find a way to get in contact with Starfleet, but had to search through the swampland for equipment left after the attack. Within the small group of hunters she got known for her viciousness despite the limp she now had on her right leg. She learnt the language and the ways, excelling since she appeared to be unafraid. The life she led gave her some sense of security as well as reminding her that she was good at what she did. It helped her put Victor behind her, treasuring him as a fond memory.

It was not until in 2384 that she managed to get her make-shift radio to work. She sent out a distress signal to a passing starship and was picked up. Due to her leg as well as having seven years away from Starfleet, she took a year to recover both physically and mentally. She spent it with her family, enjoying the simple comforts of home.

It was in 2385 that she requested to be put back on duty. Due to her leg she was sent to a medical Starbase where she would work as a security officer while receiving medical treatment and counselling.

Personality Profile:
Maggie is often described as a tough woman, someone who has a frightening language and knows what looks to give to people to get them do what she wants. She is a Marine in style, efficient and professional, yet she can keep a tone light too. She is dedicated to what she does, loyal towards those she works with and she genuinely believes in serving Earth through Starfleet. Her life on the planet as a hunter has given her a better insight in herself and she knows she is a provider more than someone who needs to be taken care of.

Yet she has a gentle heart beneath her iron-woman attitude. She is compassionate and has a tender side, especially towards children. The loss of her unborn child and the knowledge she will never have them makes them even more precious to her. Yet she believes that she will serve and not have a family. Starfleet is her family. She has a melancholy side that she only shows when alone or with someone she is very close to, and she has learnt to live with her limp. A game leg is hardly anything more than a challenge and she still has a goal of becoming a Chief of Security. Victor is in her past, a fond and sad memory, but she has moved on. She finds herself unattractive because of the scars she has, but forces it away from her mind. She sees herself as an instrument, to serve the best way she can and to make her father proud of her.

Special Notes:
Medical profile: Maggie Osborne’s right leg has been broken and reset by a medical team in 2385, since the old break hadn’t healed correctly. Her knee has a thick layer of scar tissue, making it hard for her to bend it. It often causes pain, but the medical teams are working on it. Alongside many long scars running up her right side, she has a scar running from her jaw and to her hairline, following the shape of her face. She usually has it hidden by her hair and it is not considered vital to have it removed anytime soon. She is also unable to have children after the fall which caused her injury and her miscarriage.