Commander Scott Donovan

Name: Scott Donovan
Rank: Commander
Species: human
Age: 59
Gender: male
Height: 1.85 m
Weight: 82 kg
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Birthplace: Oxford, England, Earth
Birthdate: February 29th, 2326
Hobbies: Deep Sea Diving, SCUBA Diving, Reconditioning Antique Shuttle Craft & Vehicles
Languages: Standard, French, Vulcan, Ferengi, Dominionese



Service Record
2344-2348 Starfleet Academy cadet engineering
2348-2352 Starbase One Ensign engineering
2352-2353 USS Demeter Ensign engineering
2353-2354 USS Demeter Lieutenant Jg Operations
2354-2357 USS Demeter Lieutenant Jg Operations/assistant JAG
2357-2360 USS Osiris Lieutenant Operations/assistant JAG
2360-2362 USS Osiris Lieutenant Assistant Chief of Operations/Assistant JAG
2364-2365 Starbase 102 (Cardassian) Lt Commander Assistant Chief Tactical Officer/JAG Officer
2364-2365 Starbase 102 (Cardassian) Lt Commander Chief Tactical Officer/Strategic Operations Officer
2367 to 2368 USS Dionysus Lt Commander Chief of Security/Tactical, Second Officer
2368 to 2369 USS Dionysus Commander First Officer
2369-2372 USS Persephone Commander First Officer
2372-2381 USS Persephone Captain Commanding Officer
2381-2385 Starfleet Academy Commander Professor
2385-PRES Starbase medical Commander CO rescue ship



Born in 2323 on Earth, Scott is the fifth of seven children to Maximillian and Jennifer Donovan. Scott is a fourth generation Starfleet officer, and very proud of his lineage. His early years were fairly typical, school and college, girlfriends and a little trouble. His parents, grandparents and older siblings (when they grew up) were all in the fleet, and it seemed inconceivable that he might do anything else. It was while he was at college he met Maria Bruckheimer and the two began their relationship. Once the two graduated college they applied for and were accepted into Starfleet Academy. Both started the Academy late in 2344 and were married in 2347 while at the Academy.

Though their careers diverted to different duty posts frequently, the two managed to happily maintain their marriage and relationship over the next twenty three years and five children. However, after Maria volunteered for several deep range explorations in a row the two talked for several days, and decided amicably to part ways in 2370. Maria agreed to leave the children with Scott as her chosen career was taking her on long range exploratory missions. Scott and Maria are still good friends, and communicate frequently regarding the children.

In 2376 Scott was diving off an island in the pacific while on leave and met Holly Grissom who was also on leave visiting her home in Macronesia, when Scott returned to his ship a week later he took with him a new nurse, and the two were married in 2377 onboard.

Over the years Scott has had few problems with his children, most have grown up to be fairly normal and responsible, however, over the years, most of Scott’s headaches have come from Krystal. His headaches began even before she was born when Maria was exposed to a variety of unknown radiation and energy pulses from an interdimensional phenomena while she was pregnant, though there were no apparent effects, her condition and that of the baby was monitored closely. When Krystal was born, she was subjected to a multitude of tests, and it was discovered hat the energy had affected her brain in a number of ways, primarily, it had activated a number of psionic abilities, most of which were latent, during her formative years there seemed little to worry about, she exhibited an above average memory and recall, and some minor psychic abilities, mainly Telekinetic, however, these abilities expanded dramatically during puberty and Maria and Scott decided that a stay on Betazoid in the Telepathic Institute would help her learn to control these abilities. It had the desired effect, it also though introduced Krystal to her soon to be husband, whom Scott did ‘not’ approve of.

Ever since the Breen assault on Earth Scott has had one major concern in his life, Krystal. Scott wants to look after his daughter and granddaughter, and so has accepted a temporary, and voluntary reduction in rank to Lieutenant so he can be assigned to the London with them, to be there for his daughter during her therapy, and to monitor the progress of the research into helping his granddaughter. Should a Starship such as a medical rescue vessel be assigned to the base he will put in a request for his rank to be restored and assignment, or command of the ship, but until then he serves as an officer on the bases staff as required.

Personality Profile:
Scott Donovan has spent years working his way up the chain of command, and along the way has developed a command style that is more fatherly than stern, it is a command style that serves him at work and with his children. When the situation calls for it, he can be either relaxed and casual about decisions and the situation, or switch to a more authoritarian approach where his word is law and you will do as you are told.

For the most part Scott takes the fatherly approach at home, though at times he has tried the more stern approach with Krystal when she tries something outrageous or stupid, which is fairly frequent recently.

Outside of work Scott is for the most part relaxed and outgoing, he’s quite approachable and friendly. Despite his voluntary rank reduction, he still has an air of command about him that he can unconsciously use, even on people who currently outrank him.

Special Notes:
Scott still maintains contacts with his old crew on the USS Persephone, his old XO was promoted to the Captains slot when Scott left. While Scott has a few regrets and concerns about giving up his first command, he feels that his daughters and granddaughters health take priority, there aren’t many people right now that she responds to positively, or listens to. His superiors at fleet understand for now, but he does worry a little that they might pressure him to return to a command in the near future.

Other than Cassandra and Krystal, Scott has three sons as well, Thomas, who is a year older than Holly, is first officer and a commander on a new Sovereign class starship, Michael, who is a Lieutenant and a subspace researcher at a Deep Space station and Johnathan who is currently serving 6 months at the New Zealand penitentiary for attempted mutiny (Scott has been looking into this, it appears it was justified, but Fleet wants to deter attempted mutiny as a solution to ship problems, Johnathan will resume duties at Ensigns rank upon his release.