Commodore Navarre-Brooke Shinta

Name: Navarre-Brooke Shinta
Rank: Commodore
Species: Bajoran
Age: 39
Gender: female
Height: 1.79 m
Weight: 49 kg
Eyes: blue
Hair: Blonde
Birthplace: Lamas Province, Bajor
Birthdate: 2345
Hobbies: ancient weapons, martial arts
Languages: Bajoran Cardassian, English



Service Record
2365-2365 Basic Training, Mars Recruit
2365-2366 USS Sherman Petty officer 3rd class Security
2366-2367 Klingon / Federation training camp Petty officer 2nd class Instructor
2367-2368 USS Williamsburg Petty officer 1st class Security
2368-2369 Classified Petty officer 1st class
2369-2372 USS Williamsburg Chief petty officer Security Officer
2372-2376 Starfleet Academy Cadet counseling
2376-2376 USS Galaxy ensign Counselor
2376-2376 USS Galaxy Lieutenant jg Counselor
2376-2377 USS Galaxy Lieutenant Counselor
2377-2378 USS Galaxy Lieutenant Commander Assistant Chief Counselor
2378-2380 USS Miranda Lieutenant Commander Counselor
2380-2380 USS Miranda Lieutenant Commander Assistant Chief Counselor
2380-2381 USS Miranda Commander Chief Counselor
2381-2382 leave of absence
2382-2384 Starfleet psychiatric hospital Captain CO
2385-PRES Starbase medical Commodore CO



Navarre Shinta was born in Lamas Province in 2345 to Sjarak and Ivanna. She was the youngest of three children. Both her parents were members of the resistance movement fighting the Cardassians. And Shinta grew up in fear. Her father was picked up by the Cardassians when she was four and publicly executed on the village square. Her mother took her children into the mountains to live with the resistance.

When Shinta was eleven her mother and elder sister were killed in an attack staged on a Cardassian convoy. She was left in the care of her fifteen year old brother. At this time she started her own training. Shinta was already a pretty girl and her elders trained her to be a spy. But her temperament was explosive and she wanted revenge therefore she was trained in the use of weapons.

When she was thirteen she killed her first Cardassian. And soon her team leader found out that she was good at killing silently and swiftly. More and more she was send out to do undercover work and kill Cardassians or collaborators. Her brother Ylin was not happy with the way his sister was turning out. Shinta was becoming colder by the moment, and he tried to change her. He had come into contact with some undercover Starfleet scouts operating on Bajor, getting friendly with one of them.

When Ylin was mortally wounded some months later he had his sister promise that she would get off Bajor and seek out Ylin's Starfleet friend. So when she was sixteen Shinta left Bajor. She enlisted in Starfleet a year later and served as a security guard for three years before being singled out for NCO training.

Shinta continued to do well raising to CPO in a couple of years. She also fell in love with her commander officer LtCdr Jake Simpson. Simpson who was married liked the beautiful Bajoran woman and didn't tell her he was married, but took advantage of her. Only when she became pregnant did he let on that he was not really in love with her. Shinta received a severe reprimand when she nearly killed Simpson in her anger.

A year on earth talking to counselors was the result. But it was more the birth of her son Gavin that changed her and Shinta was sure that she was not the cold blooded killer everyone took her for. To the surprise of all her friends she announced she was going to Starfleet academy and going to be a counselor. Her brothers old friend who was now a commander supported her.

Her time at the academy wasn't easy. She was much older and not all her teachers were certain that she would make a good counselor or that she had worked through her own grief alone. But Shinta worked on stubbornly and finally she had changed almost everybody's views about her.

The Galaxy was her first posting as a counselor and as an officer. Shinta soon earned her first promotion the Lieutenant junior grade while serving on board the USS Galaxy in early 2376. By the end of that same year, she made full Lieutenant.

At the end of 2376, Shinta married Bruce Maxwell, a former patient. The next year, twins were born. The marriage seemed successful, but after Maxwell had been taken prisoner, things never got back to normal. In 2378 he decided to leave his wife and children. And after a few months Shinta reverted to only using her own name again. She now has no hope for the marriage anymore.

In 2377, Shinta was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and made Assistant Chief Counselor while serving on board the USS Galaxy. Later that year, she transferred aboard the USS Miranda as a Counselor.

Shinta became pregnant again in 2379, this time by the Ship's Gynecologist, Doctor James Brooke. The two were wed that same year.

In 2380, after two years of dedicated service aboard the Pathfinder-Class Starship, Shinta was promoted to the position of Assistant Chief Counselor.

Personality Profile:
Shinta still has a temper and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She will still have to prove to the world that she has changed and can be an effective counselor. She can be a warm friend and a good listener. But once she makes an enemy, she will be a very dangerous foe. Lately she has a few of her own demons to take care of. She is doing that with various success. But she has made her home on the galaxy, and for the first time in her life has friends that she trusts. She has an insecurity in her life, that she does not share with her friends, and even her colleagues. That is her academic status, or rather lack of. She has finally been able to reach a full M.S.. She has not shared this with her colleagues, because she is afraid they will think less of her for only getting it now. She is now thinking of going on for a Ph.D., but it is hard work, and exhausting, as her time to study comes out of her sleep time.

In 2381 she was accused of malpractice, Shinta acquitted herself well, yet she took a year off to think about her life. And to provide help for her eldest son Gavin. She also finished her degree in psychiatry.

After that she served as the head of the psychological department at the Starfleet psychiatric hospital. Life on earth agreed with her. And she and her husband also agreed not to seek a position of the ship for some time. So when this position offered itself she took it with both hands.

She does not wear the traditional Bajoran earring. Also something she does not talk about. Because she had to leave her home planet in disgrace, she does not feel she has the right to wear this earring.

Special Notes:
Shinta is of average height for a Bajoran, her body is lean and in perfect shape. She is considered to be a beautiful and lethal woman. She has dark brown which she keeps clipped short, and green eyes.
Shinta has a scar running from her ear down the length of her neck. Shinta never wanted to get rid of it.

Shinta has 5 children. Gavin 2371, twins James and Hope 2377, Annalynn 2379, Margaret 2383