Lt. Colonel Amon Tennington

Name: Amon Tennington
Rank: Lt. Colonel
Species: Human
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Height: 1.80 m
Weight: 75 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark brown
Birthplace: Oxfordshire, England, Earth
Birthdate: 19th of August, 2348
Hobbies: Reading 19th Century literature, war poetry, classical music, fine wine and cigarettes, horseback riding, chess
Languages: English, Latin, French, German, Cardassian



Service Record
2366-2370 Starfleet Marine Corps Officer School cadet infantry
2370-2373 USS Enigma 2nd Lieutenant - Lieutenant squad XO
2373-2375 Lieutenant POW
2375-2376 Sick leave
2376-2378 Starbase 624 captain Marine Liaison
2378-2382 USS Britannia Major Marine unit CO
2382-2385 USS Excalibur MArine unit CO Lt. Colonel
2385-PRES Starbase medical patient Lt. Colonel



Amon Tennington was born and raised in Oxfordshire to a family of old money but no title. His father, Edward Tennington, was a politician who got knighted when Amon was a teenager. His mother was the second daughter of a duke, quite stern in her ways and not easy to get along with. He was the second son, born at a time when his mother wished for a daughter. Still, one had to be satisfied with a boy. Amon's childhood was simple and followed routines. He was not to disturb his parents and he was to be nice to his brother. He was to show up at time for his lessons and do his best under all circumstances. It was not like that was an impossible task for a boy, but it was certainly tiring. Still, Amon stretched himself to be a good son while adjusting to the changes in his life. One of them was when he at the age of 11 was sent away from his home to a public boarding school.

The school put a discipline in him which would be very useful later in his life. His father berated him when he was home, always finding something negative, and Amon knew he would never measure against his older brother. It was not as if he could do anything about it, so he filed it away as one of those things he could not do anything about. Still, he was an active lad who enjoyed his reading and spending time with his family's horses.

As a second son, not much was expected of Amon. In fact, it was either becoming a Priest or joining the military that would have satisfied his father. Amon joined the Starfleet Marine Corps at the age of 18, spending four years in the Officer's school, like most of the other young men and women his age. At the age of 22 he had graduated and was stationed on the USS Enigma as a 2nd Lieutenant. He worked for Colonel Haistings, making sure that the enlisted under the Colonel's command did as told and that there was a general happiness amongst the Marines. Amon was well-liked, because he was young and inexperienced. He was seen as a fair Lieutenant, hard when he had to be but he did not stop the enlisted from talking amongst themselves before drills and missions. He could shout at them, but they usually had it coming by then, and few ever got to experience his full wrath.

When the Dominion Wars started in 2373, Amon was transferred to the 163rd Squadron as the XO. It was during the first two months of the war that the squadron, consisting on seven enlisted, one Sergeant, and two officers. Their mission was to blow up a Cardassian supply-line but the mission was a disaster. The Captain was killed and the rest captured and taken as prisoners.

Amon was instantly recognised as the superior officer and suffered through the interrogations. When it became apparent that he knew little, they tried a new angle. Amon watched as each of his men was tortured and killed, forced to listen to their pleas and screams without being able to stop it. He truly did not know anything. When it came to his turn, he begged them to kill him. Perhaps that was what saved his life.

He was listed as MIA for 19 months, spending them in a POW camp. The Cardassians mistreated him as much as they mistreated any of their prisoners, sometimes torturing him for the sport of it. He had no secrets to hold back, to cling on. Instead, he was helpless and open, unable to stop the torments. He was released after the war and spent a year recovering from his injuries. He spent some time in the hospital, but returned home to England for most of the year because he needed some time to think. In 2376, he returned to active duty.

He had been promoted to Captain and served as a Marine liaison. It was a decent position and he held it for two years before he got promoted and transferred to the USS Britannia where he served as the CO of a small detachment of Marines. He was a stern CO, quiet and professional and often seen as a hard bastard. He tolerated no imperfections yet never asked anything of his men that he was not willing to do himself. It made him both respected and feared, and those who had expected an easy time after the war ended up hating their Major for pushing them. His next assignment was the USS Excalibur, where he served as a Lt. Colonel and Marine CO.

However, in 2385, his past came back to haunt him. During the last ten years he had suppressed the traumas he had suffered as a POW. He still had the nightmares, the flashbacks and had developed insomnia over the years. But he kept it firmly pressed down and bottled up, refusing to show the weakness. But it could not last forever. The last straw came on an away mission where the Excalibur's crew met a Cardassian away team. Amongst them were the man who had spent two years torturing Amon and had executed his men. While the Cardassian did not recognise Amon, Amon recognised the man. He killed him, breaking down in front of his Captain and his men.

His defence lawyer blamed Starfleet for lack of follow-up after his experience as a POW and Amon was sent to Starbase Medical for counselling as well as evaluation.

Personality Profile:
Amon is a result of his upbringing, a man with a frightening calm and control. He is stubborn and dedicated to what he once did, yet now all he feels is the shame. He balances on a thin line between falling apart and the guilt-enforced control he has on his own feelings. He does suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and can at times be very violent, however his own self-control usually keeps that from happening. He is a gentleman from his upbringing and he sees himself as an officer who does what is right for himself and his men. He is very intelligent and well-read, and has a charisma that makes it understandable why his men followed him.

Amon can manage to keep a conversation going easily, and he still has his wits about. However, his flashbacks are frequent and violent. He still has insomnia, usually for up to a month before sleeping for days. He claims not to recall all what happened to him in the POW camp, and he does not recall killing his tormentor ten years later.

Special Notes:
Two fingers on his left hand are useless after multiple breaks that were left untended. He has a thick scarring on his upper body from different knife wounds. He also has a problem with his back, as a result of multiple beatings.