Aramanda Vel

Name: Aramanda 'army' Vel
Rank: civilian
Species: Joined Trill
Age: 37 (symbiont: 250)
Gender: Female
Height: 1.63 m
Weight: 56 kg
Hobbies: Languages, Art, Naval History, Novel Writing, Music (she can play several instruments including Vulcan Lyre and Earth Bagpipes)
Languages: Federation Standard. Klingon. Vulcan. Romulan. Cardassian. Bajoran



Service Record
Previous host (Lirvig) Federation Starfleet Security Officer
2374-2378 USS Challenger civilian Loungekeeper and Chief Bartender
2385-PRES Starbase medical civilian Manager and head Barkeep



Aramanda's previous host, Lirvig Vel, was a good officer, thrice decorated, and served under both Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and Captain Michael Shapiro. He was a good friend to both. The previous host died in the line of duty, and when the current host was joined she wanted to associate in the same circles as the symbiont was used to (specifically Starfleet).

After failing the written entry exams to the Academy, twice, due to a weakness in mathematics, Army found her own way in as a civilian lounge worker. She attended the Tellarite Culinary College, and became an expert at pan galactic cuisine and its preparation. She is also well versed in mixing and preparing drinks of all sorts. Immediately upon the ship's commissioning, she joined the civilian compliment of the USS Challenger, as the lounge keeper, with the full permission of the ship's first Commanding Officer, Captain P.J. Oliphant. Army had known Oliphant before as Livrig, who served with P.J. on the Lexington. She had also met Oliphant previously, shortly after being joined to the Vel symbiont.

To most people, Aramanda Vel appears to be a perfectly normal, happily joined Trill. But this is far from the case; she is constantly fighting a battle within her own mind, often being caught arguing out loud with herself. While Army is a gentle, caring, happy soul, Vel is a quiet, bitter, and violent-tempered symbiont. Somehow, during the long and arduous initiate screening, and joining processes, Vel had managed to hide its true disposition - until it was too late.

So Aramanda has to constantly battle a cruel, vindictive Vel whose only pleasure seems to be in trying to make her miserable, mainly by forcing Army to do or say things that chase off any close friends or would-be suitors.

It was probably Army who started calling P.J. "Captain Elephant" behind his back! Her first host, Zheren, was a chemist who kept mostly to himself. He had no family and no social life, preferring instead to devote himself to his work. Until the day he found out exactly what his life's work was being used for.... chemical warfare. He was overcome with guilt at all the deaths he had been indirectly responsible for. He arranged for an "accident" in his laboratory to destroy all his research.... only he got caught in it himself and lost his life. The symbiont Vel spent the next 70 years or so in the symbiont pool recovering from the tragedy before being joined with another host, Lirvig.

During Aramanda's tenure on Challenger she went through a lot of turmoil... internal turmoil. Turmoil caused by her belligerent symbiont, Vel. In a desperate hope of subsiding this somehow, Army left the Challenger and her life on the Pasquinel class ship behind her. She has since accepted a posting on Starbase medical where she has resurrected her ‘Canteen’.

Personality Profile:
Army is very wise, yet very naive. She loves to listen to other people's troubles, but seldom takes any of her own advice. Ever since watching a holovid of an ancient classic movie "Titanic" (from 1997) she has been fascinated with the legend. She's very artistic, and musically inclined, but hates the conformity and rigid discipline required for Starfleet personnel... thus her purposeful failure of the entrance exams (she's really not that bad at math)... twice!

She's single, but definitely looking, and has a preference for handsome officers... actually she is a sucker for any uniform. Sometimes she doesn't know how to behave like a proper lady, much to the chagrin of the Trill Initiate Institute, because both of her previous hosts were male.

Her previous host was a Starfleet Security Officer, so she can handle herself should the need arise. She's pretty, quiet, and easy-going, but can be chock full of surprises at times. She's a hopeless romantic, but very independent and very particular. She's constantly fighting off would-be courtiers, or, rather; the Vel symbiont is. She is an aspiring writer and uses her experiences as the station’s lounge hostess and barkeep to write her stories.

Aramanda Vel is a striking woman, with beautiful violet eyes, and deep, dark brown hair with red highlights. She plays several musical instruments, including the Scottish bagpipes. She considers the legendary Starfleet engineer Montgomery Scott one of her heroes.

Special Notes: