Commander Harry Ward

Name: Harry Ward
Rank: Commander
Species: Human
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 1.75 m
Weight: 64 kg
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Short, dark blonde
Birthplace: Royal Berkshire, England, Earth
Birthdate: 12th December 2357
Hobbies: Reading, music, piano, ships and sailing, studying, writing biographies of various historical figures, holonovels, red wine (although can't hold stronger alcohol well), collecting art, studying and reproducing other people's hand writing with his own hand
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Gaelic, Latin, Vulcan, Romulan, Bajoran, Klingon, Cardassian



Service Record
2375-2379 Starfleet Academy, San Francisco cadet helm
2379-2379 USS Aires Ensign Flight Control/Helm
2379-2380 USS Aires Lieutenant jg Flight Control/Helm
2380-2381 USS Argyll Lieutenant Flight Control/Helm
2381-2382 USS Argyll Lieutenant commander assistant chief Flight Control/Helm
2382-2383 USS Argyll Lieutenant commander chief Flight Control/Helm
2383-2384 USS Argyll Lieutenant commander chief Flight Control/Helm, second officer
2384-2385 USS Stuart Commander First Officer
2385-2385 medical leave
2385-PRES Starbase medical commander administration officer



Born as the only child to a Starfleet Admiral who had achieved such at a fairly young age, the Admiral had plans for his son right from the start. Henry, or Harry, was brought up in a family home, a perk of his father’s position as an Admiral stationed in an office on Earth rather than being dragged from ship to ship or station to station as many other Starfleet Officer’s children were.

Even when he first started school, it quickly became apparent that there were high expectations pinned on Harry for him following in his father’s footsteps, and they would be there all the way through growing up. The pressure became unbearable at times, his father strict and demanding and often in a bad mood and temper from drinking too much. He would achieve high grades in everything, to please him, yet it would do nothing to satisfy the expectations and demands of his father, the Admiral always wanting more. He was naturally gifted academically and was spotted as having a very high intelligence at an early point in his education with particularly high attention to details and a near photographic memory, but he didn’t really care either way. He loved writing and art, and only tried hard in his academic subjects to try and please his father.

He passed the exam for the Academy easily, but failed the interview as a shy and quiet young man. His father was furious, but managed to get another interview for him a month later, and whilst waiting for it coached him relentlessly on exactly what to do and say.

Accepted, Harry pretty much kept his head down at the Academy, doing what he was told, when he was told and trying to bring as little notice to himself as possible. He graduated top of his class, entering the career of a pilot for the Fleet. Promotions came quick and often for the quiet and introverted, yet intelligent, hard working and skilled young man. When he was transferred to the USS Stuart as it’s First Officer, those who knew him smiled knowingly, and those who didn’t know him wondered how the gentle, soft spoken man managed to become the First Officer of a ship.

It was on an away mission that quickly turned bad when Harry sustained a serious head injury, and due to a hostage situation it went untreated for five days. He was stabilised on ship but was immediately sent to Starfleet Medical for intensive treatment and brain surgery. The only way they found to restore all function to him was through an experimental method that involved a type of chip being inserted into his brain. As he recovered, it proved to be successful in that they had managed to heal him, yet as the weeks went on it also became apparent that when there was problems with the chip or it overloaded, he passed out or went into a fit. Harry considered it a small price to pay though for his brain to be otherwise undamaged, even if he felt humiliated when passing out or fitting in public.

Because of this condition, it made it unlikely he would ever be able to serve on a ship again, especially as a First Officer. Instead, when he returned to active duty, he was posted to New London Advanced Medical Facility as the Administration Officer, a post that his analytical mind and hard studious ways suited, but wasn’t too bad if he blacked out or fitted as paperwork could wait a couple of hours.

Personality Profile:
He has a firm belief in morals and always seeks out what the ‘right thing to do’ is. He is often over analytical, which can be both a valuable asset and a hindrance depending on the situation, and is nearly always working on paperwork or problems in his spare time, never really allowing himself to be fact, many medical reports have called for him to take more time off and to relax in his spare time due to high stress levels. He is always meticulous in his administrative work and puts a great deal of importance into it, especially things such as the seemingly constantly changing health and safety procedures that are passed onto him from HQ, and keeping up with different legal regulations. Since the accident, he worries about succumbing to a fit or turn in public, as that would humiliate him more than anything. He is warm and good-natured when with other people, and there is nothing that he wouldn’t do in order to help out a friend. He genuinely cares about people and his duties and that is perhaps why he is so successful.

Special Notes:
He still suffers blackouts and fits when his chip acts up. In the rare free time he allows himself, he writes his biographies of historical figure or does the research required for it.