Starbase Medical Crew

name: Starbase medical
type: starbase 375
commissioned: 2365
dimensions: Diameter : 2,842 m
Height (overall) : 3,445 m
Decks : 397
Mass: 23,000,000 metric tons
Crew: 5,700 Starfleet, typically 4 - 6,000 civilian
Armament: 10 x Type XII phaser arrays, total output 60,000 TeraWatts
2 x Type 3 burst fire photon torpedo tube
Defence Systems: Regenerative shield system, total capacity 2,520,000 TeraJoules
Light Duranium/Tritanium Double hull
Low level Structural Integrity Field
Docking facilities: Internal docking bay capable of holding up to five starships, depending on type
shutllebays capable of holding up to 300 shuttles
support craft: 1 ambulance ship
10 gamma type raider class ships (retrofitted as medical ships)
60 Danube class runabouts
80 Type 11 shuttles


Starbase medical started it's life as Starbase 842, one of the newest 375 type bases, commissioned not far from the Cardassian border. During the Dominion war, the base saw a lot of action, including an assault by 10 Dominion Battlecruisers and various other ships during the last months of the war. They held out, but the base suffered heavy damage.

With the end of the war, the base was refitted to use as listening post, with a lot of sections closed of. With the easing of the tensions between Cardassians and the Federation, Starfleet was considering closing the base, or selling it to a private research organisation.

Starfleet medical, trying to get better medical coverage in the entire Federation by setting up a large hospital/scientific research units across the Federation, asked and got the station for conversion to a hospital. The conversion took almost two years, mostly because most of the base had not been used in ten years. Now the base is a state of the art hospital and psychiatric ward for up to 4000 patients, as well as scientific lab. The 375/173 type of bases are considered one of the best designs for a hospital, because high risk units like infectious disease and some psychiatry wards could be placed into the disks, which are easily quarantainable.

Also on site is a small part of the Starfleet Medical academy, mostly for internships. On the downsite, the fact that it's a hospital meant that it's offensive systems were stripped. Only one in ten of the original station's phasers were kept, and only half of the torpedo tubes. It's defensive systems were upgraded, with the original shields being replaced by the regenerative shield systems tested on the Prometheus class ships. The large triage area cut into the available docking space, and more was taken away because the need for large quarantainable shuttlebays. From the original fifteen docking bays, only five remain, with the Intrepid class being the largest class that can dock internally. The shuttlebays are upgraded, with room for 300 shuttles, as much as the two times larger Spacedock class of stations.

At the end of the upgrade, one of the disks was upgraded to contain a small ward for maximum security patients, placed by the courts in a mental institution rather then a prison.

Command was given to newly promoted commodore Navarre Shinta, with her husband James Brooke as XO.

Some of this information is courtesy of the Daystrom Institute Technical Library and copyright Graham Kennedy. Adapted for use by this sim.