Battle of the Bulge (Von Rundstedt Offensive) 1944/45

This is the German Command structure during the Battle of the Bulge. Only heeresgrüppe B (with only the 5th and 6th army) did the attack, but I give you all the German armies in the west during that period.

Oberbefëhlshaber: Hitler
CINC-ARMY: Mar. Von Rundstedt CINC-AIR: Mar. Göring
Heeresgrüppe B: Mar. Model
15th army: Gen. Von Zangen
7th army: Gen. Brandenberger
5th Panzer army: Gen. Von Manteuffel
6th Panzer army: SS-Gen. Dietrich
Heeresgrüppe H: Gen. Student
Heeresgrüppe G: Gen. Balck
Heeresgrüppe Oberrhein: reichsführer-SS Himmler