Birma 1944

This is the table of the Birma Front in 1944, during the Japanese attack on Imphal.

SACSEAsia: Adm. Lord L. Mountbatten
CINC-ARMY: Gen. Leese CINC-AIR: vice-Mar. Bandon CINC-NAVY: rear adm. Martin
14th army (UK): Gen. Slim 3th tactical airforce (UK, US):
Chindits (UK, IN): gen. maj. O. Wingate Strategic air force (UK, US):
4th corps (IN): Gen. Scoones Transport (UK, US): brig. Gen. Old
33th corps (UK, IN): Gen. Stopford
15th corps (UK, IN, WA): Lt. gen. Christison
Northern Zone (CHIN, US): Gen. Stilwell