Midway 1942

This is the Japanese Command structure during the battle of Midway, from 5 to 7 Juin 1942.

Supreme Commander: Admiral Yamamoto
5th fleet: Adm. Hosogaya
carrier fleet: Adm. Nagoemo
Landing fleet: Adm. Kondo
Great fleet: Adm. Yamamoto


- 5th Fleet: conquer the Aleutans
ships: 2 light carriers (Ryoejo, Joenyo), 5 cruisers and 2 convoys landing craft

- carrier fleet: destroy the US Navy, support the Landing Fleet
ships: 4 carriers (Akagi, Kaga, Hiryoe, Soryoe), 2 battle cruisers, 12 destroyers

- Landing fleet: conquer Midway
ships: 2 battle cruisers, 9 cruisers, 20 destroyers, mine sweepers, convoy landing craft and other support ships

- Great fleet: support, destroy the US Navy
ships: 3 heavy battle cruisers (Nahato, Moetsoe, Yamato), 4 battle cruisers, 3 light cruisers, 2 groups destroyers, 1 carrier (Hosho), 2 water plane transporters