World War II

NOTE: these pages are historical, not political. The use of nazi symbols is only for historical reasons

World War 2 was the last of the great wars. But before wars had been fought to capture a piece of land, to settle a dispute. WW II was different. This was a war that nobody wanted, everybody expected and only the U.S.S.R. gained territory, but with the loss of millions of lives.

World War 2 is also the only war that had such a grip on the after-war times. the world like we know it today is a result of this war. The polarisation of the world in two blocs (the Eastern and the Western) and the cold war began here. And although the Eastern bloc has fallen, we still can feel the the results of WW II.

On these pages I'll put some things I know about the war plus what I find important for the future generations to remember, as well as links to other pages on the subject.